Case Solved (February 22, 2006). We now know who the sick stalker is. He is the moderator "Untohim" at, who use to be an ex-lsm/lc cult member who sins bearing false witness as he tries to marry Watchman Nee with the cult leader Witness Lee without a reason. Untohim is a non-Christian and a bipartite calvinist at this pretrib onlyist forum. He also outspokenly rejects the churches founded on the Apostles, according to Scriptural locality (not by a central-hub in the lsm/lc cult or denoms), to appoint Elder of a locality as we see Paul, for example, appointing Elders at the church of Ephesus. And he rejects that man has a spirit, soul and body (Heb. 4.12, 1 Thess. 5.23).
The negative consequences of pretrib onlyism is that when the person enters the Tribulation, he will never know it. He always overassumes he would be raptured before the Tribulation not according to readiness, so he is never ready to be received, will pass through the Tribulation and will need to refuse the mark. How will he ever refuse the mark of the beast if he doesn't even realize it is the Tribulation?
Within just a few days after the time when I was receiving the calls from the stalker, Untohim began to post my phone number on his forum as though he had the phone number he was calling and then decided to post it to let me know it was him who was leaving his horrible phone messages. He gets very angry when I post on his forum for calvinist leeists and ex-leeists because what I have said here exposes him. This is the coincidence that leads one to believe it is the ex-leeist cult member Untohim. They are very abrasive people who were in this cult, suing Christians for faith, even Harvest House for $136 million over one paragraph in the introduction of a book on cults.
Incidentally, it is the first time they lost a lawsuit against Christians and they lost in a major way. Whatever personality drew them into this cult, it seems to persist in their behavior after they leave this cult. They lost effectively $136 million they claimed they were entitled to. The frustrations of this system are shown in their falling contributions. Revenues of this organization have dropped precipitously from something like $40 million per year back in the 1990's to under $3 million in recent years. Many of them hang out at the calvinist site, Calvinism is the pride of one believing they were premade for salvation like robots. I have received other threats before from these leeists or ex-leeists.

This grown man has been stalking me by leaving brutally grotesque messages on my answering machine (5 messages so far), and he keeps calling, but we stopped using the answering machine. We of course, will need to get call block.

The phone number of the stalker is 718-487-1050 which has been *57 for the police each time.

The mp3's have been saved and submitted to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The officer in charge of this case called the number and spoke with the phone company about tracking down the phone number. We have the ability to figure out who the phone number belongs to through New York state's directory assistance, even though the phone number does have a lock on it, if we take this next step against this person's threats.

If you have any additional information about tracing this phone number, please submit your information by clicking "Contact us" at the bottom of the forum. If any private investigators want to do independent research to help me out, it would be greatly appreciated so we know who we are dealing with here. I could provide you with additional information that may help such as his IP address and actual city.

We are living in a very sick world! Satan is the god of this world. And this stalker is a very sick person who needs to be regenerated by the Holy Spirit. His accent sounds utterly evil as well as the inflections he uses. His voice swirl sounded a bit like Robert Deniro's in "Cape Fear." If you would like a copy of the mp3's to verify this person's voice if you suspect someone, you may request the audios.

Some of the phrases in a very agitated manner that this person uses are as follows. Perhaps these expressions are used by someone you know who might do something like this or talks like this.

He kept saying “this is Watchman Nee, your old buddy [in a kiddy like fashion]; I am raised from the dead, I want to talk to you." This is part of his issues. For a grown man, he seems psychologically like a little boy, when he was trying to rhyme Watchman Nee with “Oly oly oxen free" and kept saying "bad boy," projecting himself.

"You sick little pud." “Bald-headed little piece of crap.”

“You’re going to get a visit from somebody.”

“You stay off the internet Troy Brooks.”

“Are you trembling there below the kitchen table” and “ki…coffee table.”

“I wonder how long this message be?”

“Coming after you buddy. Stay off the internet.”

“Crying under the table baby still.”

He keeps complaining about the expense of the call: “This is expensive,” this call he is making on a “satellite phone.” Good! I hope it costs him $100/mo. to call me.

“Troy, you need to check your email pretty soon, Troy.” “Not right now, a little later [stuttering]…later. Maybe in about an hour.” He never did send the email of his demands.

“Check your email, there is going to be some instructions Troooyyy on what YOU need to do" and apparently if I do not do them, then “You need to know that in person by someone very big.” I will be made to do them one way or another, yet I will not comprimise God's will or my life in Christ.

In 5 messages in 2 days, he said my name more than 100 times.

He even said he was blocks away from where I live and he was about to come visit me this weekend. He never did.

“Something a little more drastic Troy” is apparently suppose to happen, addressing me as “you bald-headed little prick.”

“This is only going to get worse Troy.” “Troy Brooks, you have pissed some people off Troy Brooks."

This stalker is, indeed, a very bad man and would have a history of this behavior. He has done it before, and he will do it again (to someone else). He will get worse and won't repent. This is the nature of evil. You can't reason with someone like this, just as when Jesus said nothing to such revilers when they were absurdly belligerent and plotting to kill Him.

This information has been preserved on two web servers also as well as submitted to the search engines.

The initial possible suspects were: a calvinist, G. Richard Fisher, a leeist or lsm/lc owner, an atheist/agnostic about the 4 Step Perfect Proof for God, an historicalist, and particularly two forum owners (Erwin Loh, Matt Slick, or some other hostile forum owner) that could have hired someone to do this. Because of what is written on these people or groups, this then would be their reaction. Though Pentecostals are deceived it is not in their character to act like this. I am also told privately by several people that the atheist site,, is behind the 3000+ IP's per day that were hitting the forum with every kind of grotesque picture and reviling words. They alone account for why there was 185 people on Biblocality Forums at one time. They plan gang attacks periodically (obviously because of the truth shown that exposes they are bad people), but I have figured out how to prevent their sick attempts. Someone really ought to shut them down. How could a web host company condone this activity? Others deceived could react also, who disagree with certain questions when registering to Biblocality Christian Forums (including the 18 additional questions under Edit Profile).

The stalker is caught. He is the moderator "Untohim" at

Praise the Lord for this discernment!

Troy Brooks