Summary of End-time Views

1 to 6 are dull and de-motivating, 7 is spiritually motivating


1. Pre-tribulation (fantasy and overassuming) only-ism adherents will not be able to recognize when they are in Great Tribulation. This view is overly assuming.


2. Post-tribulation (hard, stiff, and looking for the Antichrist) only-ism adherents are waiting for the Antichrist and death first before any hope of being received to heaven or to the air. This view would be sad, unholy and unrighteous of God, taking away hope. Pre-tribulation rapture onlyists seek to escape martyrdom to avoid death. However, those raptured at 1st rapture were not in fear of death, since they could no longer be hurt by the second death (Rev. 20.7). Instead first rapture is about keeping the Word of His patience (Rev. 3.10), not needing to be tested in the time of testing, since these ones would be ready to be received. Post-tribulation rapture onlyists, on the other hand, is like putting on a firm face of not fearing death, yet also creating a rule of fearing it in their own strength by obsessing upon it that it is their calling when it is not, since God desires all to be raptured at first rapture. There is a better way.


3. Amillennialism (hard, inordinately allegorical, and without rewards) proponents are unrealistic and prone to error because they allegorize inordinately, with low-standards thinking now today is a millennium of reward of peace and prosperity for all. A sophomoric dulling of their senses occurs believing the millennial kingdom is now, and they lessen the impact of the Great Tribulation saying it is happening right now also simultaneously, instead of it being at the consummation of this age. Therefore, they reject the return of Christ in Person (parousia) to reign with an iron rod for 1000 years with His overcomers. This belief is often accompanied by a hinduistic purgatory, which is an opportunity for salvation after death taught by the Roman Catholic Church. This view lacks faith rejecting Christ reigning for 1000 years in His Person.


4. Post-millennialism (fantasy, inordinately allegorical, and without rewards) adherents are unrealistically living in an ever increasing social utopia, which is not reality. For them, the Tribulation has already occurred at 70 A.D., and the millennial kingdom is happening right now based on ongoing social change and improvements. They blunt the most solemn warning for those at the end of this age so that they can not know what God's wrath is to be. If they believe the Tribulation is yet to come, it is still wrong to associate the millennium today for today is no social utopia, like it really will be when Christ reigns. We can see also that this view rejects a millennial reign of Christ in Person, just like Amillennialism. That is lack of faith. Imagine, saying that now Christ is reigning in Person? Watchman Nee said it well, "The post-millennialists and the advocates of social gospel expect the tares to turn to wheat. This is nothing but a sweet dream".


5. Preterism (worldly and physical) followers keep Tribulation only to the time of Rome.  These rationalistic teachers merely predict the defeat of the Romans. How dissatisfying this is to our spiritual life. Partial preterism is simply trying to find legitimacy while still trying to hold onto the physical.


6. Pre-wrath (same thing, new terms) is the same as post-tribulation. They are however, hell bent in thinking they are different than those who believe in post-. In reality they are not, and they look foolish to post-onlyists.


7. Partial rapture (completeness) is the original Word of God and brings together the dynamic of pre + post and can answer all these problems above spiritually. What is most powerful is that it shows the flow and harmony throughout the Scriptures answering all points, very comforting to the heart and soul, spirit and body. What is a burden is once you can see readiness of 1st rapture and the comfort of 7th trumpet resurrection, you then have the blessing of Rev. 1.3. When God gives you this blessing, you can also see the sin in other end-time views since you have the fullness of God's truth of end-times in your spirit.


Such a gift exposes the error of other views. People will not take kindly to this, especially all these different wide path end-time views, and you will soon discover this in talking to them about what you believe and why, even in such love. Be prepared for this. You will even be ostracized as your view tears apart the mistaken assumptions of their views. Through experience, I can say that such people would prefer to hold onto their pre-existing view in their hearts, and rarely will they budge one iota. How sad that you can not speak the truth to them for it will only incite their flesh. All that you can do is remain silent on the subject.


You can really gauge a person by how they react to the partial rapture view.


Warning! Notice how in each of these views by their flesh, people are flipping and shifting around the Tribulation of 7 years all over the place. Some are making it expand and contract instead of being exactly the last week (7 years). While others are making the millennium now as opposed to the time between the end of this age and the new earth. And finally, notice how some have their special preference when the rapture should be (from nowhere to truly anywhere; anytime to just a just one time), as well as their idea of what Christ's return means and His reigning, whether in Person or just conceptually.  The timing of His return also is in many varied places. How varied are man's beliefs.


How strange it would be if Christ came back again 40 years after He first arrived. Only Preterists believe this, but how strange it would be that Christ will come for the New City but not for the millennial reign of Christ (Rev. 20.4-7) where overcomers in Christ reign for 1000 years. In good conscience, it is very hard to see how a Christian, even a carnal Christian can accept such a thing. A millennial reign of 1000 years with a Hilter, a Stalin, a Saddam Hussein is not a thought of God.


Surely such men can not all be saved who say they are all Christians even more so than many believers shall lose rewards of reigning with Christ for 1000 years (Matt. 7.21; Rev. 20.4). I would believe also that there is just as many varied views of what people think the new city and the new earth and new heaven are. Frankly, people are all over the place, out of control. We are saved by grace, but some are so adamant about what they believe (1 to 6), so confident in themselves, that surely these are symptoms of the true condition of their unregenerated hearts as well as carnal Christians. Not all are what they claim to be. Perhaps even a good portion are not. It would not be so bad if they were humble in their estimations, but the strength of conviction of some is very telling, and therein lies the problem.


A man of God just knows that in order for real lasting change to come about can only occur with Christ coming back in Person effecting a major way in peoples thinking for the one-time most massive event of all-time, which is the seven year Tribulation. Look how good people were to each other after WWI and WWII and other wars in history, but such a change of mind was always just temporary. People always went back to their sinful ways, and another war would happen or evil would increase further, even in more refined underhanded ways like the actions of CEO's of companies in USA stealing from their companies and shareholders whereby people work all their life and accumulate a pension only to be told afterwards, it doesn't exist. This is a far cry though from Muslim terrorists, and the evil governments and individuals that persist like a plague throughout the world. To God it is all the same garbage.


Once you get it, what you will soon discover is the ability to assess another person by their view, or lack of a view, without judging them. It is a truly a wonderful profitable blessing for God's children to know the end times correctly and precisely not only to prepare ourselves by the grace of God, but also from false or poor teachers.


Troy Brooks