Emanuel Swedenborg was Definitely Unsaved

E. Swedenborg was NOT a Christian, therefore, he is going to hell. Apparently, he is considered as having the highest IQ of anyone in christendom (not everyone in christendom is saved), yet based on what he believes, there is no way he could be saved. It just goes to show you that spiritual knowledge (in your spirit) and regeneration is not related to human intelligence.

The cult of Swedenborg's (new idea) teachings bear false witness against the Bible, misreading it, and altering it (Revelation 22.18,19). The general tactic of Swedenborg's unethical conduct is to claim a new idea that was already in the Bible for his own self-exaltation. He goes further to teach outright false teachings too like modalism. It is amazing how someone so smart could be so sinful, not entering new birth, nor able to overcome in life without entering that narrow gate.

Now compare the writings of Watchman Nee, who also was considered as having an off-the-charts IQ. However, Nee was one of the uttermost spiritual Christians that ever lived. Compare their consciences.

Troy Brooks

Compare this cult by consider their so-called new idea with the Bible, then observing their specific error in the note that I (Troy Brooks) wrote that follows under each topic.


Who is Jesus?

The Holy Spirit


When You Are Born Again

Marriage and Spirituality

Marriage in Heaven

Sexual Equality

What Angels Do

The Inner Meaning of the Bible

Adam and Eve


The Blood of Jesus

Why Bad Things Happen

Who Needs Works?

Who Is Saved?

Where Angels Come From


God's Anger

The Second Coming

The Rapture

The Resurrection Body

The Devil

Troy Brooks