Thaiv (at Paltalk), Demon Possession & Malcom in the Middle

Malcolm Meetze


As at the time of this writing, It is extremely rare that I am contacted by an lsm/lc member who does so to argue with me and post negative and reviling comments against me on a site that has links to the Misreading Nee page, sending him to my page. The latest post on Tim Samoff's page prior to this incident in question was recorded by myself, "Troy June 10, 2005 at 02:55 am". Over two months later, the next message is recorded by "Malcolm Meetze August 16, 2005 at 06:59 am". Now, I can't say the exact day, but I know that around Aug. 16th, within a few days, I was contacted on Paltalk by a self-proclaimed lsm/lc member, who called himself "Thaiv". This is too coincidental. Both Malcolm and Thaiv are self-proclaimed lsm/lc members. Malcolm said he was 18 and Thaiv said he was 19.


Moreover, leading up to this matter over about a three month time span, on my old forum, there was a lad, who said he was 19 years old and really liked what I was saying on my forum. He in fact was the only person who was positive and did not come to attack. So it was a breath of fresh air. I can't say when exactly, but around Aug. 16th, I got an email from that same 19 year old, asking me what happened to the old forum as it had been down for a couple of weeks. I told him it got shut down without warning by the free hosting. That too was a coincidence, being contacted by him, all happening around the time of Aug. 16/05. I propose to you these three instances of these 18/19 year olds is in fact the same person, but his real age is 19, and it was not a case of him having a birthday. The reason I say this is because: remember that 19 year old from the previous months? He already was 19 years old. Ergo, the age of 18, if he is the same person, is a fake age given on Tim Samoff's page. And this conversation took place a few days after I began speaking with with Thaiv on Paltalk.


After our first conversation at Palktalk, Thaiv will recall that he apologized at our second talk for his bad behavior in our first talk. He may have felt guilty posting after our conversation, on Tim Samoff's page, his reviling comments on Aug. 16th. I am writing this point, because I know Thaiv will read this thread in the future, so he can see emotionally he is waffling; and perhaps others who know of him in the lsm/lc system can see him as a bad testimony of behavior, which speaks of the lsm/lc influence on his morals. No doubt, Thaiv will read this page again, for he requested I take this page down immediately after it was first posted, because of its conclusions that tell the truth about him. When he requested it be taken down, not once ever did he ever say that he was not "Malcolm", wherein in I mentioned Thaiv being Malcolm, when I said below, "From a lengthy conversation at Paltalk (Aug., 2005) with a person nicknamed Thaiv (a 19 year old male first year engineering student from Austin, Texas attending the Raleigh outlet of the lsm/lc Malcolm Meetze)".


A distinct characteristic of Thaiv in Palktalk was that he held the position that he felt could see all the different sides, and his efforts were to that aim constantly in our hours of discussion, even though it required him to be doubletongued. Similarly, Malcolm, like deja vu, says, "But hey after studying the faith and looking at views from all different sides..." Another characteristic was their both saying they were in the lsm/lc system for about a year. Malcolm confirms this by saying: "have been involved with the 'local church' for almost a year now". Notice too, referencing the lsm/lc system as the "local church", preceded by the word "the". He does not say "my local church" but THE local church. There is no central hub Local Church.


What else is similar between Thaiv and Malcolm (with two l's). Since I make the connection between them by saying, "Helpful words for the doubtful Texas student" on Tim's site, Malcolm responds with, "And I’m not from Texas… I’ve never even been to Texas! I don’t even go to college. I go to high school". Ask yourself, is this not an odd response, since a Texas student could be either high school or college. But Thaiv had told me at Paltalk he was going to enter college in the fall as an engineering student. Do you see this connection? Malcolm is defending himself not from what I said of him at Tim's page, but of what Thaiv said at Paltalk.


The reviling of Malcolm is intense, when he said, "Troy Brooks’ because he thinks he is the all-knowing God" and . Why sin this sin bearing false witness? It is because he is aware I am aware of the 6+ sins of leeism. This reaction, comes on the backdrop of many many hours over several days of conversation with Thaiv at Paltalk wherein we reached an insurmountable impasse on the doubletalking, 6+ sins of leeism which he could not relinquish. It was acceptable to him to commit these sins and rationalize them. Malcolm also says, "I finally concluded that this is the Lord’s way and heart desire" speaking of the lsm/lc system he is possessed by just as Thaiv for hours and hours was defending the same, controlled by another - demonically possessed. I do not use this word lightly. The demon of leeism controls Thaiv-Malcolm as proven by the 6+ sins of leeism that he can not overcome.


He is in need of deprogramming and accountability from his impersonal, inveterate obstinacy and belligerence! Be "not doubletongued" (1 Tim 3.8): and these words are given "pertaining to the conscience" (Heb. 9.9) of one sneaky and unethical Malcolm Meetze, who posted Aug. 16/05 on Tim Samoff's site after my conversation with him at Paltalk over several days.


How far away is Raleigh, TX (Navarro County) from Austin? Just curious. Malcolm writes, "I drive almost 2 hours to my locality", not realizing that if he has to drive that far, it is not his locality. The reviling is excessive, "The reasoning of Malcolm is flawed when he wrote, "people I wouldn’t even pay the few seconds to read any of Troy Brooks’ post", and his reasoning is because, "from the sounds of it he thinks he has it all figured out and Stephen Kaung or Witness are absolutely wrong". Now if I have figured it out, should that not be something to heed? What have I figured out anyway specifically? It is these 6+ sins of leeism. And I have nothing against Stephen Kaung, except that he did not pursue Biblical locality. Stephen Kaung got it right with regard to translating Watchman Nee's writings correctly at Christian Fellowship Publishers (the white covers), so why accuse falsely by saying that I say Stephen Kaung is absolutely wrong. I have said no such thing.


The revelation given by God of Malcolm's unsalvation as well as Thaiv's, is that they both hold to these 6+ sins of leeism after the explanation given and proofs supplied. I do not overlook this as being a rare coincidence, since leeists are programmed in the same false teachings, and thus, will react similarly. Even so, the timing of these three events is uncanny. Is it possible two or even three leeists decided to come at me at once? Who can say. The leeist that found me out on Paltalk said he was not the 19 year old on my old forum. Malcolm says he is not Thaiv.


It sounds to me like you just picked up and left without any fellowship or discussion with some leading brothers. And like that one brother said, it sounds like you didn’t even know what you believed. I’m 18 years old and have been involved with the “local church” for almost a year now. Before I started to attend the meeting I knew about them being called a cult, and even at one time opposed them. But hey after studying the faith and looking at views from all different sides (except for Troy Brooks’ because he thinks he is the all-knowing God) I finally concluded that this is the Lord’s way and heart desire (now I’m NOT saying that it is the only way and everyone else is going to Hell). I now attend the Church in Raleigh and I drive almost 2 hours to my locality. Also people I wouldn’t even pay the few seconds to read any of Troy Brooks’ post because from the sounds of it he thinks he has it all figured out and Stephen Kaung or Witness are absolutely wrong. In fact Troy is so positive that he is right, he has the leadway to say that someone is “unregenerated” or that they are not saved.

Anyways Brother Tim (and anyone else who has left), I just recommend that you consider looking at things from another side, possibly going back and fellowshipping with some brothers. If not, then that is your choice and between you and God. Keep an open mind.

Love in Christ
Grace with all your spirits
Brother Malcolm

Malcolm Meetze (email) - August 16, 2005 at 06:59 am


My Response  (Troy)

Helpful words for the doubtful Texas student. Realize you are playing God Malcolm, for you are so young, and yet can't let go of the 6+ sins of leeism, self-declaring them alright in your heart.

While Tim Samoff was raised up in the lsm/lc cult, I myself, never even attended one meeting. Praise the Lord! There is no need to attend a cult. Never think you should.

Those in the lsm/lc cult system are not generally considered brothers in Christ, for Christians are not in cults. Though, there may be a few saved, as there is always an exception. With a little more spiritual knowledge they could be released from such bondage.

Realize, that in your attempts to look at the matter from all different sides still reveals you have not actually done so when the facts are presented within your own contradictory behavior and belief system as proven here,

Your unsalvation is seen in your false fruit, contradictions, and overassuming. Satan the false accuser that he is, is working in your spirit, accusing saying I am God, when of course I am not. God reveals your unsalvation Malcolm, and it is proven (see the link).

Another error you make is regarding driving to your locality. You do not drive to your locality. This is legalizing Biblical locality. A locality is a Biblical city, with elders over that entire city, so you are not to go to an outlet of the lsm/lc cult. But if you are a Christian you are the church and go to meeting places within a locality you reside, not to others. Discern who the elders are of your locality you reside in, for therein is proper authority, as they are selected by informal apostles. All Christians in a locality are the local church for that locality. If you were a Christian you should know your own locality is the local church, however disjoined it may be. What God wants you to accomplish, is fellowshipping according to Biblical locality so that you know the meeting place you are in is according to right apostles who select right elders and the meeting places under them are right too. The lsm/lc cult does not fulfill this condition. Hence, the need for a meeting place finder,

Stephen Kaung did not believe in these 6+ sins of leeism. Don't try to marry Stephen Kaung to Witness for Lee, for don't you know the famous quote of Stephen Kaung, when he said, "Witness Lee went too far". Don't try to bear false witness to make your case. Don't try to marry Watchman Nee with Witness Lee either, for Watchman Nee was of the little flock, Biblical locality, OSAS arminian, non-screamer, non-suer, non-modalist, never called himself God; while Witness Lee was of the Local Church, central hub locality, calvinist, screamer, suer, modalist, calling himself God, altered Nee's writings for "hate". They are diabolically polar opposites.

Often those who read all these errors of leeism, spend several hours at a time reading the Misreading Nee page. Those who can afford only a few seconds show their possession, particularly in speaking about those possessed by the demon of Leeism that controlled witness lee also (this is how one shuts their mind down for the sake of a cult to be controlled by another; even when they thought they knew it was a cult, they don't care - this speaks of their [bad] conscience). Again this is proven. As is the 6+ sins of leeism. All these things are proven. Self-declarations don't count. See the proofs. Don't be lazy Malcolm, being in the cult only one year now, totally unable to shake the demon of leeism [this is when one is most vulnerable to a cult or an impressionable age like Tim Samoff].

Stephen Kaung is wrong in only one aspect that I am aware of, which is somewhat forgivable since almost no one in the world is abiding in Biblical locality, but Kaung is one person so close to Nee's writings and should have seen it in the Word, that before Christ returns we have to get back to Biblical locality, which verily threatens Satan immensely.

I do not know everyone whether they are not saved or saved. I can only say what God has shown to me in my spirit, so that I do not overassume. By the attitude of Malcolm [Thaiv] and his defending the 6+ sins of leeism, even calling Himself God defending Ron Kangas when Kangas said he is God, these are the false fruits we shall know them by to know Malcolm is not merely a possessed Christian needing deliverance, for he has declared the lsm/lc false teachings the law. This is how his unsalvation is known. First by revelation in the spirit and communicated with understanding, proven substantially [as false fruits not of God].

Malcolm defends the lsm/lc cult and the demon of leeism. He does not defend Christ. Tim has many problems and false teachings too as noted here -

I recommend you keep an open mind, but do not think you can come to Christ with your mind or your talent. God won't receive you this way for it is only by the spirit regeneration takes place. You need to come to Christ as a helpless sinner to receive Christ into your life authentically, not as the tares.

Malcolm, make note that you have misunderstood not only Tim's problems, but you have also misrepresented these proofs given about the errors of leeism. You can't keep standing in the middle of the fence for this will tear you apart. Either you call yourself God or you don't. Either God is God and you are not, so don't call yourself God. Don't change the meaning of God on the fly. Satan is the author of confusion. Don't be part of an organization that does this. The same goes for all 6+ sins of leeism; you can't keep defending a false teaching (by being in the throws of such a cult) and then saying it is wrong [this was Thaiv's major behavior pattern]. Don't let the evil spirit win in your life like that.

Realize your selfish possessed self-declaration is not of God when you say "I finally concluded that this is the Lord’s way and heart desire". You would not have all these errors if it was so; and notice the emphasis on "I". This is the point of pride one falls on.

Praise the Lord for this discernment!
Thank you Jesus! Amen.
Love, in Christ,
Troy Brooks

Parture (link) - August 20, 2005 at 5:31 pm


Notice the large caps on the name “MALCOLM”. I don’t know who Thaiv is. Is that some code name you gave me? And I’m not from Texas… I’ve never even been to Texas! I don’t even go to college. I go to high school. Seems like you got more errors than anything else. I’m sorry you spent all that precious God-given time writing that page full of errors. But I also did find it a shame that you have never attended a meeting. That just shows poor research. If you want to make a page about me my name is MALCOLM, and I’m 18 years old, and I’m in high school. I got one question? Is this just a big joke? I personally think you are just a big practical joke Troy. I just wanted to tell you that your humor is lame.

Grace with you all,
Brother MALCOLM (also there are 2 “l”s in my name)

MALCOLM Meetze August 22, 2005 at 07:57 am


Tim Samoff has locked the page, as he may think it suits his purposes now, since the reasoning he uses to shut it down, should have been applied a long time ago. I have responded to this comment already, but to point out one more think, all indications point to Malcolm being Thaiv, otherwise it is a major coincidence, in time, age, personality, same level of hostility, and mindset; not to mention many glaring discrepancies as noted above. There is yet another similarity too. I recall Thaiv at Paltalk continued to say you should have attended a meeting. Here Malcolm says the exact same thing. I, of course, explained to Thaiv, that is not necessary, since to know the 6+ sins of leeism are a sin is enough. One need not embrace themselves in sin to garner a further appreciation of them. A person does not need to practice murderer to get into the mind of a murderer. Satan is such a tempter!


The time I have given is God willing, and thus, I abide accordingly. It was not wasted, but profitable to help Malcolm and Thaiv, as I trust they will come back to read these words from time to time. That is what it is meant for. I gain nothing but the glory of God in seeing both these lost souls helped, or as the case may be, one lost soul; and other leeists that may read this information, and others on the verge of being deceived. Interestingly, notice Malcolm says twice he is in high school, when I never indicated whether Thaiv was in high school or college. In fact, Thaiv is neither in high school or college since high school is finished, and college is yet to begin.


I recall Thaiv saying to me he is controlled by the lsm/lc system. Thaiv, in your search in Google for information on Stephen Kaung about what he thinks about the unregenerate Witness Lee, when you typed in "what does Stephen Kaung say about Witness Lee", your doubt is seen. Note, Stephen Kaung said "Witness Lee went too far". The information you are look for is found found on this page.

Satan will try to make you think you are saved when you are not so he can take you with him to hell. He does not mind if you worship God with your mind, as long as your spirit has not been quickened.

Advice for Thaiv

One day you may yet give your life to Christ but it has not happened yet as evidenced and clearly seen in your unethical duplicity in your conscience of trying to rationalize these sins of leeism. This duplicity is seen easily in our conversation. I did not know you were unsaved until our latest conversation, but now I know it, not because I judge you, but because God revealed it. I can not judge you for I am not God. I can only reveal to you what the Holy Spirit has shown, which agrees with the Word and testifies in agreement with others about your unregeneration Thaiv.

Your issue is not with me, but with God. Your errors are shown in your contradictions, overassuming points of pride in our discussins at Paltalk; trying to couthfully play the middle of the fence (the false fruit) between leeists and Christians, like a hybrid Christian, but is this really Christian?:

(1) Every leeist I have ever spoken to when discussing calvinism (at least a couple dozen so far) defend calvinism in various ways (mostly by saying they believe it straight out, but avoid the details on why), yet you yourself don't have this experience, so you overassume it can't be one of the problems of leeism. Please note it is not necessary to read Witness Lee's writings or be a member of the lsm/lc system to determine this problem - all that is needed is the efforts of leeists to defend calvinism and deny osas arminian (any one of the 5 points), which is what is happening here;

(2) Violent screaming mantra is not acceptable (it is very impersonal), yet you rationalize it, though it is neither prayer, nor reading, but from the flesh in smothering the spirit (your spirit can't see this, for it is all just fun and games social activity to you, yet it is violent and mindlessly repetitive, without life). You have to have a conscience in Christ to see this, as others have heard the audios and say the same thing, that it is unhealthy;

(3) Your defending modalism in our conversations with might, unable to help yourself as though you are being controlled by another;

(4) Shriveling up when talking about suing Christians for their faith, not listening to your conscience again;

(5) Claiming Biblical locality, but shut your mind down to the central operations that exist above the outlets in the lsm/lc system. Just because Witness Lee says they are separate does not mean it bears out in reality (it does not), presently owned by Witness Lee's physical birth children;

(6) altering Watchman Nee's writings for a focus on hate as a major aspect of emotion.

Additional points to be addressed are calling oneself God as Ron Kangas does, your not standing against this, and not realizing there is no way to justify it or to alter the meaning of God to suit your cult's purposes and control over your soul. God is God. You are not God, so stop trying to be God, by changing Him into other meanings.

As well, your sitting with those in these false teachings (which are not merely petty items), shows your spirit is undiscerning, and prefer the copout and lazy-believism of this cult to be controlled by the demon of leeism. This is how I know that you are unregenerated Thaiv, having not entered into a real relationship with Jesus Christ. This does not mean one day you might not be saved. I pray that you do give your life to Christ.

This help page for you is for you to reference in the future if you ever care to repent and seek deliverance. Right now you are utterly careless. As the years go by if you remain in this cult your personality will degenerate and degrade further into these false doctrines which misdirect away from spiritual reality. You will be able to check this by experience in seeing how dysfunctional your life becomes.

Love, in Christ,


p.s. praise God this is not the church, nor the future of the church or those in the Ministry of the Work for the Church. I love that God is not a legalist.