The Zone - Dr. Barry Sears

I believe the work of The Zone is of God eating in the proper ratio of one block being 7 to 9 to 2 grams of protein, carbohydrates, and fat which is optimal fuel to our bodies for peak efficiency, and very well pleasing to the Lord. Never going over 4 blocks per meal of 3 meals a day.

The first tier supplements we should take are (start down the list of what you can afford):
(1) 400 IU's of vitamin E per day, and
(2) 400 mg's per day of Omega 3 fatty acids, EPA since 50% of our brain is made up of omega 3.

And the second tier supplements are:
(3) vitamin C (1000 mg/day), and
(4) mineral magnesium (250 mg/day).

Third tier supplements are:
(1) beta carotene (which you need not buy if you eat adequate amount of fruits and vegetables per day),

(2) B3 (20 mg/day) and
(3) B6 (10 mg/day),
(4) folic acid (1000 micrograms/day),
(5) calcium,
(6) zinc (15 mg/day),
(7) selenium (200 micrograms/day), and
(8) chromium (200 micrograms/day).

Exotic supplements:

(9) lycopene,
(10) lutein (5 mg/day each),
(11) CoQ10 (10 mg/day),
(12) OPC - oligoproanthocyanidins (10 mg/day)

Half the battle is realizing you are addicted to a drug called "gluten" that has existed since at least 10,000 B.C. when grain became popular. To remove this craving step by step as you wean yourself off of this drug, follow these instructions:
(1) Don't buy cereals and pastas anymore,
(2) Don't buy fast glycogen breakdown products that convert carbohydrates too quickly into glucose like canned juices (eg. cranberry juice), canned soups, bananas,
(3) Don't buy bread, crackers and buns anymore,
(4) Don't buy potatoes and rice anymore,
(5) Stop eating out which causing you to spontaneously buy pop, fries, and taking in saturated fats (only cook with olive oil - monosaturated), and
(6) Don't buy chips, cookies, chocolate almonds, cakes, chocolate bars (since that is not really a gluten problem but a gluttony problem).