Transfiguration on the Mount (Matt. 17),

Enoch, Elijah, Moses, Hades

Moses indeed comes back from the dead and Elijah is most surely raptured, but they cannot be on an equality with Christ. It is at first rapture (Rev. 7.9) that we see the overcomers in Christ raptured to the throne. So we may say that Moses is resurrected but not yet to the throne. Moses is one of the few men to have a newly clothed spiritual body. Elijah is raptured too, but since Elijah is one of the Two Witnesses this shows he is appointed once to die, and will yet die with Enoch. So those that have come out of the grave at Christ's death and resurrection, also, don't go back to the grave but go somewhere, just not to the throne. So no one is before the throne yet. The same goes for the repentant thief, David, David's baby, Lazarus

Troy Brooks