Let me Take a Crack at Transmillennialism


Max King (and his son Timothy King) want to save lots of people that aren't to be saved showing that Max doesn't really know God or love Him. He asks why would God want to incinerate earth? Well that is exactly what will happen told of in the book of Revelation, so unless you accept it and can sense it in your spirit, you don't believe in God of the Bible, but your own version of God of the Bible. Therefore we must conclude that a man who speaks for transmillennialism underneath it all is an unsaved non-Christian.


Max was unable to distinguish between parousia and resurrected life now in all applications of life. Jesus when He said "this generation" (Matt. 24.34) was not referring a period of years but a period of moral condition that will continue until all these things are fulfilled.


The misunderstanding of Max is in thinking the world is coming to an end. Rather, what is coming to an end, is "this generation" of moral corruption at Christ's return, which commences His millennial reign, and then the old earth passes away being an abode for the unregenerated which has become a lake of fire at this point.


Timothy is under the impression that preterism began in the 90's yet such is not true. Watchman Nee wrote in the 1920's and 1930's expressing the error of preterism and historicallism in Aids to Revelation using the term "praeterism" was too abstract and objected to by orthodox commentators. It was too rationalistic, limited the horizon of John, and merely predicts the defeat of the Romans. It becomes only allegorical and only seeing the persecution of the Christians by the Romans. And it provides an unsatisfactory answer to how God deals with the Jews and the Gentiles (1 Cor. 10.32).


Preterism holds close ties with post-millennialism in future civilization building, not realizing that the bowls poured out when the 7th trumpet is blow, will complete the death of 1/3 of the population's inhabitants in the Great Tribulation according to the Scriptures, somehow overlooked by preterism, which I have never heard an adequate reply to - since, obviously, there is none.


These covenant theology participants say the rapture of premillennialism is about how to get to heaven misrepresenting premillennialists. Premillennialist, instead, due to true faith, already know they are getting to heaven, the only question is when and why - at the start of the 7 year Tribulation, or at the end of it. Partial rapture says rapture to the throne at the start of the 7 year Tribulation is about maturity, readiness and keeping the Word of His patience to escape that Hour of trial that is to come upon the whole world, to be accounted worthy (Rev. 3.10, Luke 21.36) and not need to go through the time of testing since there is nothing to test, since they can no longer be hurt by the second death. The rapture at the commencement of the 7th trumpet is the completion of all those resurrected saved since Adam to complete the rapture to the air so when Christ returns in Person He may come with His Saints.


Terms like covenant theology, third millennium and other historicallist terminology all have one thing in common - historicallism, that is, mixing and matching past events. 70 A.D. was fulfilled in Matt 24.2, not Matt. 24.15. They blunt the solemn warning at the end of this mystery age of the church that will end when Christ steps down on the mount of olives. What they are really denying is faith in this principle that Christ can return as He came, not in fantasy, but to reign in the millennial kingdom for 1000 years. He needs no more than 1000 years, and such it is mentioned six times in Revelation 20 to impress upon the fact that it is 1000 years in order prepare for setting up the new city in the new earth.


Timothy is under the impression the work of the body of Christ does not begin now under premillennialism. Why would it not? For in that reward of that work is a reigning with Christ during the millennial kingdom, a blessed reward given to the five wise virgins who filled up with oil of the Holy Spirit and thus were admitted to the marriage feast. Transmillennialism is the same as postmillennialism in disguise, striving by human methods the betterment of the human race, but that effort by human working rather than God's working is its downfall, and every century always fails and so too shall fail again every century until Christ returns to reign in Person with an "iron rod". How much this iron rod is really needed we must truly appreciate in knowing the true condition of mankind that never seems to get better typifying the heart of transmillennialism again trying to do it with their own strength.


Rev. 21.3 is the future state in the new earth. We in Christ have foretaste now of heavenly things, but it has not yet been consummated in perfection. But that day comes will Christ's return and the millennial kingdom setting the way for when 21.3 can be a reality in the new earth after the old earth passes away. This is something the unregenerated spirit can not perceive.


We could say  that transmillennialism is like new age, a means to lower man's conscience in God's plans, allowing man to dictate the social changes required for this progressive kingdom now, in spite of the consideration of the heinous accounts of crimes around the world today which could never be a part of God's Kingdom when He returns. How could this ever be the kingdom of God and the reigning of Christ now in Person? It must therefore today be another meaning - the kingdom of heaven is the outward church today, the conduct of the church according to Matthew 5-7 and a reigning in the millennial kingdom itself. After the millennial kingdom ends, the kingdom of heaven ends, and what continues on is the kingdom of God which has always been present. It is the same in regards to the kingdom of heaven, the only two differences being that it does not commence with the church for it started when God created the heavens and the earth. And so throughout the kingdom of God it runs deeper than simply the conduct of Matthew 5-7, but spans the entire cosmos. How beautiful a picture is this, never dependant on man's social changes.


According to Rev. 11.15, the kingdoms of this world have not yet become the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ since if this were true there would be no more sin and a perfecting in all things after 1000 years of Christ's reign, required by His Presence which according to Rev. 20.4 takes a thousand years while He reigns in Person. Even at the last revolt, there is a last revolt at the end of the millennium which has not even started yet.


The claim of transmillennialism is to say we are reconciled to God now even though Hitler killed millions. They are unable to draw the distinction between the believers life in Christ and the condition of the world. We are certain that most transmillennialists are not saved for having this thought and were never members of the body of Christ. It waters down what God has for us at His parousia making it now. Believers are reconciled to God but only believers. Even believers have not been fully reconciled for what is to become of a believer who is still lying on a bed of fornication. God will deal with them accordingly and burn of the dross of their sin, cast them into outer darkness to receive the reward of reigning with Christ for during the millennium to discipline them and have them be ready for new city.


According to Jer. 8.20 the type of harvest He foretells of the harvest to come, not to say the harvest is already here amongst so much sin in the Word since the harvest is a collected all those saved, not an ongoing season after season, year after year harvesting. It is one harvest. There is one firstfruits in this mystery of the church age.


The approach of Timothy is to blame the church to the point the church can have the power to come about to get it right. But God says otherwise. He declares that in order for the ultimate required change to come about He must return in Person, first on a cloud then appearing on the mount of olives. For if He does not come at this point we would all be destroyed. Such was not the case at Christ's first coming, but it will be the case at His second coming.


Timothy misreads Rev. 22.15. Rev. 22.15 is not a call to minister always, but chapter 22 is about the LAST WARNING which we should heed carefully. Rev. 22.15 is not the state of eternal perfection that there will always be the reviling. It is a last warning. The picture is in Rev. 21 where we see the eternal state of perfection in the new city and in the new earth. This is a major difference. There is not a ministering outside the city, but rather those who live outside the new city in the new earth enter the new city through the gates to receive from the tree of life to renew their weaknesses for those outside the new city still have bodies of flesh and blood. Those in the new city when it come down will occupy it with spiritual bodies.


Transmillennialism is just another recovery movement. But like Sardis the cup always keeps being refilled and each time the filling is less and less. What is required is a preservation of the Word of God not new groups always calling themselves the recovery movements. Nothing needs recovering for nothing was lost. The Word of God was always there from the beginning.


Covenant Eschatology is the same thing as Worldview Theology Analysis. Recovering Human Hope needs no recovering in Christians, since Christians already have the hope and blessed promise of Christ's return abiding in Him now. Recovering Human Hope covenant eschatology of transmillennialism preterism is another way of saying HUMANISM (listen to Ten Shekels and a Shirt, by Paris Reidhead), selling out for Ten Shekels and a Shirt.


This humanism is really hope falsely recovered reverting to humanism and ideas of social utopia all the while killing goes on about and no effective change ensues. The same problems keeping coming back. It is not realizing that in futurism hope is already attained and never needed to be recovered waiting for Christ's accomplished fact to be rewarded in His Person as He said He would come back again, not in Spirit, for He was already here in Spirit at His resurrection in believers now, but rather in the 2nd Person of the Trinity.


The attempts of this humanistic preterist rationalistic movement to look back inwardly and forward outwardly are mere stratagems, mentalized approaches of historicallism and social graces, and not the life of Christ resting on His redemptive work, now in the believer waiting for the return of Christ and the joy of the Lord to walk with His children those whom He foreknew from the beginning would come to Him.


We can not have the hope of  Christ if we don't already have Christ in our spirit by His Spirit, and recovery is never any better than the guidance by the Holy Spirit in such recovery. But even in such recovery of the sinner to new life and to an overcoming life as well as improvements and works of God in the world, the same problems keep manifesting themselves reverberating over and over and over like a broken record. And so such things will continue on in perpetuity no matter how man good works in Christ prevail or humanistic efforts, because what will happen at the pinnacle point in the LAST WEEK at the consummation of this age is all these worse events of the past rolled up into one in 7 years along with God's wrath, Satan's wrath, and God graciousness in His return to enter a new dispensation of the millennial kingdom where He reigns with His overcomers with an "iron rod".


Further, Timothy, tries to project that premillennialism is without first things. But of course there are first things, the first things in Christ with resurrected life, and a view to Christ's return from thenceforth. Truly this God's rounded out life in Christ. The New Covenant has been given to the body of Christ now beforehand before the Jews receive its fulfillment at His return receiving their promise.


As with all cults they will have their own particular nomenclature. This particular cult has chosen to use the term archonology to replace eschatology to sum up their principle of creating new social paradigms and "new social architects" which sounds more like the 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, Anthony Robbins and Wayne Dyer all rolled up into one as Transmillennialists say "to shape the future through originality, creativity, vision and leadership" with no mention of the Holy Spirit's calling. We can be sure man-made methods will be destroyed at His return and He will prevail in reigning then. It is all quite demented as they have attempted to redefine the term eschatology to be the end of Adam.


But there is nothing wrong with Adam. What is wrong was Adam falling. Eschatology deals with perfecting, not removing Adam. Adam will still exist in the new earth but within that body of flesh and blood is a new man with no more sin who will go through the gates of the new city to receive renewal. And those resurrected who occupy the new city will worship therein and provide for those outside the new city with perfect authority and submission throughout in harmony like a symphony. How perfect is this picture.


Timothy also says that there is a counting down to the end rather than a counting from the beginning but if that were true there would be no cross to count from. His reasoning is flawed. The spiritual reality is that we live in Christ, for Christ, and Christ in us whom are saved, and wait for that wonderful and glorious day of His return, not an end, but a dispensation unlike the world has ever seen that requires what the world really needs, the Tribulation.


Transmillennialism is a cult that points to it itself and social power and its world without end (it's world without a return of Jesus Christ in Person), but God's reality says He will love us unto a thousand generations, and from Adam to the end of the millennium is only about 200-300 generations, that leaves a full 700 generations in the new city, after which time what happens next I believe the new city will transform itself into a new cube not with walls 72 meters high but walls 216 feet thick to venture off out of our solar system with God and the Lamb at the center (Rev. 22.1,4). It has no ending shown in the Scriptures for it is eternity future.


A Transmillennialist has more saved than a historicallist and a historicallist has more saved than a premillennialist and various premillennial views have more saved than partial rapture. However, the reason why God has a hell is because He wants to save as many people as possible so we do not throw the baby out with the bathwater, it's just that there is a lot of bathwater. So we need to get a conscience in Christ not by our own strength but according to John 6.47 by His strength and grace, maturing and readying ourselves in Him keeping the Word of His patience, watchful allowing His redemptive design to work in us to deliver us from sin, natural and supernatural.


Jesus died on the Christ so that He could walk with man made in His image out of His glory. And those that deny Him and say He has already returned, or deny the necessary Tribulation that has not occurred or His reigning during the millennial kingdom or claiming the New City is now are in most instances are unsaved who will be cast in the lake of fire as God declares to them, He does not know them. In the Transmillennialist (sounds like transgender or transvestite) is a speaking of Christ's presence but denying His return and for this since Christ said He would return, not just merely 40 years later, for that would be a vain move indeed, and showing you how sneaky the false christs are becoming in today's day and age.


They are becoming more sugar coated and refined in their approach, these false men of God. But as true believers as long as we recognize that they deny the return of Christ, the Tribulation to come, or a future millennium reign, or the Last Revolt of Satan to show that even in the millennium man still yet had some hidden sin, these are the touchstones for us to realize that unsalvation is all around us, which is why we long for the return of our Lord and Savior.


This cult is pointing you to themselves, not Christ. We must rebuke them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. They will try to build their material wealth and their civilizations, but God will come to break them all down in idolatry of humanism all for mankind not for God which is a what can God do for them, not what can they do to glorify God. Humanism. The bane of our existence. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ will come to return to deal, each and everyone one of these cults who misuse the name of our risen Lord Jesus Christ.


The key word used throughout this article is humanity, humanity, humanity. O the vanity. Recovering humanity. Dwell with humanity. Understand humanity. This is not Biblical Psychology. This is humanism they say, focus on the human condition, what can man get out of God. It is all about the human, not focused on God. I see little about God in transmillennial false sense of reality. I do not see any difference in the unsaved and transmillennialism for they believe the same thing as the unsaved, which is "let's make it better" instead of seeing the reality of God, "I will return".  Ask yourself why God would return, and there is your answer.


Troy Brooks