Partial Rapture is the Only Possibility


    The Personality Types of Holders of End Time Views


1. Pre-tribulationists are wrong because they are too over-assuming not accounting for the matter of maturing and overcoming of a Christian as the condition for being received at 1st rapture, which causes them to be lower in conscience, self-indulgent and slothful towards Christ because they take 1st rapture for granted (e.g. Pentecostals are notorious for this, a wide path system). Many of these will end up taking the mark of the beast because even when Tribulation comes they won't recognize it because they assume that if it were really the Tribulation they would have been raptured already. To me that is warped because they could very well be in the Tribulation and not know it assuming what they assume which lowers the conscience, of course. Satan wins with these ones easily.


2. Post-tribulationists are wrong because though they are less over-assuming, than their rivals, the pre-tribulationists, they artificially harden their spirits because they are preparing for the Antichrist to come first. As war-hardened warriors, they are so obsessed with hardening themselves, without ever engaging in real spiritual warfare that is authentic, they fail to see the glory and hope of God's promise that we may be kept from the Hour of the Trial, not just trial, but the Hour itself, the entire "time of testing",  as typified by the ark going through the flood and those protected in the ark will be few. Enoch instead is typified as first rapture. Noah and his family and animals (as people) some of who will survive through the flood (through the Tribulation).


So indeed these ones will find themselves in Great Tribulation but then find out that they are all talk no action, because their bold talk was built on a false foundation of stiffening themselves waiting for the Antichrist to come first instead of accepting God's promise of hope of being kept from to escape that which is to come upon the whole world. The last week is not about running away like a cat and mouse game, but truly it is at first rapture, a readiness to be received to the throne. This hope could soften and keep their spirit delicate, allowing God to deliver them from sin, self, and supernatural in truly walking after the spirit, and thus be taken and received to heaven at 1st rapture if they overcome.


(i) God does not want you to go through the Tribulation. (ii) God wants you to be ready. (iii) God does not want to see you go down to Hades. He would love to rapture you alive like an Enoch or an Elijah. These are three things God wants for you if you are in the last generation. That is a fact. If you are a post-tribber, you nullify 3 things God wants. What does that say about post-tribbers that would nullify God's mind in this way? Is their mind bigger than Gods? Have they made their god an unloving god?


3. Amillennialists (anti-millennium) believe we are in the millennial kingdom and that it is also the Great Tribulation for them, with ever increasing intensity, as they allegorize this whole thing. This has negative consequences because it denies God's plan of reward for overcomers during the 1000 year reign of Christ that follows the Great Tribulation of three and a half years. Amillennialism is like post-tribulationists on crack, the hardest of them all, always living in a constant Great Tribulation instead of realizing that the 20 centuries are a tribulation the great. But the Great Tribulation is never so prolonged. Amillennialists exclude themselves from the reward of the millennial kingdom since they don't believe in it as partial rapturists believe, plus they deny such a hopeful beauty on earth since theirs is an ever increasing tribulation through the centuries.


It saddens me for one to deny not only a consummation of this age, but also a time on earth of Christ reigning with an iron rod with His overcomers, when He steps down on the mount of olives, returning with the Saints. It also saddens me that man can not really know man's heart until he knows this is the way men will be towards each other until the coming Day of the Lord. It is as if there is a lack of faith that this could happen or often outright denial, perhaps another replicating faith. If an Ammillennialist finds himself in the Tribulation, since he does not believe it will be 7 years and due to allegorizing, I am not so sure he will have the spirit to discern and refuse the mark since the refusal of the mark is tied intricately to the events of the 7 year period, detailed very precisely in Revelation 7-11 (major points), and 12-19 (details).


Just as the book of Genesis is for our spirit explaining events at the beginning of time, Revelation is a book mostly unfulfilled for the events at the end of this age of mystery of the church, the dispensation of grace. To bring such events of the Great Tribulation and Millennium into the now is wrong, which requires mental gymnastics to allegorize (soulish of the mind) end time events (Rev. 6.11ff) and force them into the now. The kingdom of God is within believers now, but it has yet to manifest itself on earth in toto with Christ coming down onto the mount of olives to start the millennium. There is no faith in an Amillennialist for this to occur, and that will harden their soul.


There will be the Great Tribulation at that last generation, last week consummation of this age, then Satan will be let out one last time at the end of the 1000 years to show man still had yet some hidden sin. It is of low standards to say the millennial kingdom is now. It is dejecting to believers (which is what the evil spirit wants) that God will not have what He wants, to reign with His overcomers, (and to reward them), without anymore war for 1000 years to usher in the new city and new earth in the new heaven. Purgatory is also a false concept of theirs because it says you can be saved after you leave this earth unsaved (but within it is a part truth - see below, 7). Purgatory for them is appealing because of the part truth without seeing the false part. It is the flesh that wants to hold onto such things. Like most parts of amillennialism it produces a sophmoric dulling in the person not allowing God's precise Word divide sharper than any two edged sword (Heb. 4.12).


One very revealing point about the hardness of amillennialism is that they underneath somewhere in the recesses of their being, are anti-semetic. This is shown by the fact they don't recognize the Jewish Tribes of Rev. 7.1-8 and call them the 12 Apostles instead, but as we see Watchman Nee's study on Revelation 7, that is impossible.


4. Post-millennialists are just like amillennialists in that the millennium is now, but they believe the bulk of Tribulation was at 70 A.D. instead, so the world will get increasingly more beautiful and refined and socially graced with no coming Great Tribulation. And then rapture happens. They too need to allegorize the scriptures to 70 A.D. But this is not unlike the fantasies of pre-tribulationists. Where pre-tribulationists are bent on all being raptured at 1st rapture, post-millennialists are bent on increasing social utopia. They are not realizing the true condition of the outward church of Christendom and mankind, which is all to willing to repeat its past mistakes time and time again because man loves Satan. The Bible shows the marriage of man and Satan in the number of man 6 (because he follows Satan) and the number of Satan 6, in the 66 books of the Bible.


It is not unless Christ comes to end this once and for all at the precise moment in time when man reaches the pinnacle of his condition as typified by the 144,000 virgin first fruits that we would destroy ourselves in the epic battle of Great Tribulation. At that moment we reach our pinnacle condition we are raptured at 1st rapture setting off a war in heaven. Satan has but 7 years to do all he can do, an effort in vanity, but useful for God's sake as He comes in to remove the tares. We have been fortunate up to now because the resources of the planet have been plentiful, but as they are depleted so too will man's condition deplete (understanding God's use of earth itself is found throughout the Scriptures). Therefore, through a Great Tribulation Satan capitalize on this. Because 144,000 virgin Christians will have been reached, God says it is now time to commence His parousia of 7 years. If post-millennialists live in not so realistic an expectation like pre-tribulationists, then they will be unprepared and even take the mark when that day comes, since they don't believe it would happen while they are still in their bodies. The historicalism of post-millennialism blunts the solemn warning for the last generation, and consideration for themselves as possibly the last generation to go through the Great Tribulation which will lessen their watchfulness to keep His word.


If post-millennialists say there is a Great Tribulation at the end of this age, then they remove a millennial kingdom reign of Christ and the aspect of recompense and reward for God's overcomers. This period is designed to pave the way for the creation of the new city on the new earth, but it is not taken into account under post-millennialism with a Great Tribulation at the end, since no preparatory 1000 years is considered for building that new city; and Christ will not, for them, be reigning at the helm with an "iron rod" in Person even during the present age, a way of saying they can do it themselves till then. The motivation one receives for the reward of 1000 years is not taken into consideration to motivate us today in Christ after their post-millennial tribulation (note - under partial rapture Satan is let out at Great Tribulation and again for a short period at the end of the 1000 years to show man has yet some hidden sin during the 1000 years).


God's good pleasure and what He longs for is literally to walk with us for 1000 years in His Person with those who are matured for Him and ready. If these things can be so easily displaced, they can be very de-motivating that there would be no reward in store of a tangible kind, and no interim period of reward and transition before the new heaven and new earth commences. Reward, nevertheless, under all views is done away with in the new city in the new earth afterwards since there is no longer a need for it. Rewards pass away in eternity future. And perhaps the deception is that in all these different end time views we are not shown a satisfactory view of how we get from here to there, except for the Partial Rapture view.


5. Preterism (classical) is not worth mentioning since Christ has not returned in Person at 70 A.D. Partial preterism, though, as best as I can tell is like post-millennialism making the claim that most if not all of Great Tribulation occurred at 70 A.D. Therefore, preterism has the same problems as described in (4) above. Preterism blunts the most solemn warning for the last generation which may cause them to lose their motivation, spiritual vitality and alertness when they deny the possibility that a Great Tribulation is in our future. How shocked they will be when they see the Great Tribulation having thought that 70 A.D. was the Great Tribulation. Can one really be made ready for Christ believing this?


6. Pre-wrath is the same as post-tribulation rapture since post tribulation rapture takes place before the bowls too, or should be the case. In Jude, there is mention of Christ returning with His myriads (vv. 1.14-15). In order for Christ to return with His myriads, they will first have to be raptured before in Christ coming for His saints (this is what post-tribbers believe) before Christ can return with His saints. Pre-wrathers accuse pre-tribbers of this but such is not true about post-tribbers. What is ironic is both pre-wrathers and post-tribbers, being the same, don't understand this point in its fullness about Christ coming for his saints and with His saints. Scroll down to IV (F). They both suffer just like post-millennialists and amillennialists, albeit to a lesser degree. They are historicalists when instead the Bible is a book of revelation mostly unfulfilled from the late seals onward (another way of saying this is to say, they bunch up everything into the last three and half years inordinately, thus making everything else fulfilled and only taking the view from the perspective of the 7th trumpet resurrection, and not 7 year parousia last week: this is wrong). This is a very special realization. Faith is not based on privy knowledge of history or reducing the book of Revelation to a historical document. When Christ in His parousia commences His (1st rapture) returning for the saints in "advanced parties" first in a cloud, based on the promise to those who are ready to escape, and then the 7th trumpet "comfort" resurrection of the body of Christ, only then can Christ return with His overcomers (1st resurrection) and step down on the mount of olives (Rev. 1.7, Acts 1.11).


7. Partial rapture (separate, split, multiple) is the only thing that makes any sense, and when you get it, then you receive the blessing of Rev. 1.3. Three points: (1) 70 A.D. took place at Matthew 24.2; great tribulation of Rev. 7.14 is the past 20 centuries; and Great Tribulation of the last 3.5 years is the "consummation of this age" of grace; (2) partial rapture is the most realistic, spiritually balanced, and reflective man's true condition; and (3) "outer darkness" - outside the light of reigning in the millennial kingdom, will discipline non-overcoming un-matured, slothful Christians, to prepare them for entry into the new city in the new earth with those already matured overcomers so that all the resurrected of God become overcomers in the new city (there is no such thing as purgatory since all believers were already saved and born again while in their fleshly bodies).


Partial rapture differs from other end-time views in that it is about God's rewards to motivate us to overcome, seeing His authority and submission in all creation in such rewards, giving us the blessed hope to escape the hour of trial, teach us long-suffering in a deeper way, more accurately reflects the true condition of man in the world of God's design, and imparts resurrected overcoming life by keeping the Word of His patience, remaining watchful and prayerful.



Troy Brooks