Important Facts About Witness Lee's Cult

Mind control over followers: Much of SCP's writings on this topic referenced mind control techniques, and had even prepared to present this material by way of expert witness Margaret Singer in Lee v. Duddy, however as we know they were forced into bankruptcy without being able to present their case.

Numerous front organizations: The Living Ministry Ministry (1st beast) and The Local Church (2nd beast that speaks for the 1st beast) has placed several "front" organizations to hide their identity from the unsuspecting public.

Physical heirs abusiveness towards women: Sexual improprieties, especially involving Lee's son, Philip, the erstwhile heir to the Presidency of Living Stream Ministry. When Philip arrived to USA, he was given the multi-million dollar home off the backs of leeists, on the same compound as Witness Lee (like the dragon) and his third wife. Philip happily accepted this along with his new salary and had The Local Church followers move the extensive landscaping and large decorative hills to make room for a swimming pool. The apostles and workers for the Church are not suppose to draw a salary, nor are they so luxuriously lavished.

The controversy began when Philip committed adultery with several different women of the Church in Rosemead (California) in 1990. Arguably, the three most important men in the organization after Lee in the organization were: William H. Duane, Jr. of the original lsm/lc outlet in Los Angeles, and Albert Knoch and Jon Ingalls of the flagship outlet in Anaheim. It was their names which were printed as the translators of the original complete New Testament Recovery Version. These three heard the charges and were convinced of their veracity. They and others confronted Witness Lee and the rest of the relevant leadership. Lee refused to discipline his son or even acknowledge the problem. Witness Lee took no action taken! They resigned their positions and left The Local Church as did thousands of followers. The Church removed their names from all future editions of their work.

Ultimately, Philip did resign his senior position at the LSM, but remains a member in good standing (?) of The Local Church; no wrong doing was ever admitted. How is it good standing if he had never repented?

Witness Lee was excommunicated: Watchman Nee's little flock in Taipei excommunicated Lee, which is he fled to the USA, and only temporarily returned thirty years later.

Witness Lee was not gifted with tongues: The LC needs to answer why "Witness Lee" spoke such a poor pidgin if he indeed spent so many years of his life in English schools? Moreover, Witness Lee spent about forty years in the USA and spoke English almost incomprehensibly. Would not his horrible English account for the 6 major sins of leeism?