So-Called Christian Forums

Exposing the false teachings in Christendom Forums. There is no forum to turn to enjoy fellowship but Biblocality Forums.



Of all the major forums on the first three pages of Google searching for "Christian forums" none are correct in their views by their owners on essential matters.



The owners of these forums in all likelihood will never repent of their false teachings so let us find a forum with correct teaching and run by Apostles.


Satan Has Infiltrated Christendom


The largest forums in Christendom are:

(1) - majority controlled by the Roman Church, amillennial, non-OSAS, sinless Mary, popery.
(2) - Pretrib rapture onlyism not according to readiness. You will be immediately banned the minute you talk about partial rapture.
(3) - a corporation for whatever makes the most money (mingled with, You're banned if you talk about the Tribulation. They are amillennial.
(4) - Amillennial, non-OSAS. They will ban you if you speak up against these two teachings. You're not allowed to talk about when the Tribulation will take place and so their adherents will be swept up by it.
(5) - Pentecostal gibberish babblers, Roman Church amillennialism, Augustinian Calvinism.
(6) - amillennial, non-OSASers. I noticed OSASer posts get removed and non-OSASer posts remain. This is, of course, a double standard and not Christian.


(7) - I was bombarded by Calvinists. But the owner is premillennial. HammerStone the Webmaster grammatically incorrect said, "I am be definition a premillennialist." And he is clearly a Calvinist. He writes, "I'm neither by strict definition, but I would associate myself probably much more so with the Calvinists." It doesn't matter how strict a Calvinist is, for all Calvinism is false since Total depravity false. God provides us all with sufficient grace to have the choice. Therefore, nobody is Totally depraved. A bit jargled he continues, You're welcome to do a search, but I can appreciate the remarks of Spurgeon that I have quoted before. The issue the Calvinists generally have with me is that I believe in the 3 earth ages and therefore that's why God has a reason to strike down the Paul's of the world. I have come to have a greater appreciation of the Calvinist (and even Reformed faith) which I agree on many issues doctrinally, such as the total depravity of man." Because he believes in some "3 earth ages," whatever that is, God irresistibly imposes regeneration on Paul? Yet Paul had a choice to freely respond to God's grace. And Calvinists should not highjack the Reformation which is Justification by Faith that has nothing to do with Calvinism. Remember, "God is the Savior of all men [sufficient grace for all to have the free-choice], specially those who believe" (1 Tim. 4.10), NOT "Savior of some men only, specially those who believe" for that would be redundantly nonsensical. Calvinists worship a false Christ; there will be many. Calvinists refuse to repent and believe in Christ to be regenerated; thus, they erect an idol called Total depravity which says they can't so the don't. Because they don't want to genuinely give their lives to Christ by coming to the cross as a helpless sinners to receive the Lord as Savior to be regenerated, they concoct a scheme that simulates God's saving grace, and this facsimile or counterfeit we can call Satanic grace that steals in unawares to replicate redemption. As they embrace it, they begin to prefer it over God's way of doing things, leaving most Calvinists permanently lost. Jesus said unless you believe truly who I say I am, He will deny you before His Father in heaven, and you will die in your sins. Jesus died for the sins of the whole world. That is how big God is. He can do what the God of Calvinism cannot do.


(8) - prevented from exposing Calvinism; thread was closed and premillennial views deleted.

(9) - Calvinist. I don't know about you, but I find Calvinists are profuse. They seem to possess a large number of forums in Christendom. Perhaps that's because they like to argue and ban Christians (OSAS Arminians) in keeping with the the actions of that murderous Protestant Pope of Geneva John Calvin who killed many Christians, Anabaptists and the like.


(10) - Would this characterize the "little flock"? (Luke 12.32) If you speak up against the Roman Church (Vatican in Rev. 14.8, Roman Church in chapter 17, and destroyed by 17.16), you will be banned and your posts removed. As you can see they are very ecumenical just like the Roman Church, trying to grow itself today on this basis. They are not being true to God but only to themselves unethically-focused on self. There is no prophecy or end-times forum (at the time of this writing) obviously, since all the various denominations they are trying to unite have conflicting views. It's interesting to see the motivation behind what a forum owner does. And such conflict would not be part of their board's ecumenical approach. Thus, they try to down play it, inducing people to close their minds down and not give credence to the blessing in Rev. 1.3 for discerning the book of Revelation correctly. All of God's word is profitable to edify but not at tru2ourselfishselves. God said not only not to say, but don't belong to denominations: don't say "I of Cephas" or I of Apollos".


(11) - If there ever was a forum to avoid forever this is the one. You will be bombarded by preterists. Their forum is like one big advertising banner with Google ads all over the place and selling all kinds of products. Imagine if that were in a place of fellowship. Jesus turned over the tables in the Temple. This forum is moderated by a preterist so the owner can be be blamed for that. "Vic C." (Admin) believes that Dan. 9.27 is not the Antichrist but Jesus who broke a seven year covenant after verse 26 says the Messiah was cut off and Titus destroyed the 2nd Temple 70 AD. Do you see the problems?


(a) We have the covenant made in Dan. 9.27 that follows the Temple destruction in 70 AD (v.26), but the preterist yanks this covenant back into the first part of Dan. 9.26 when Jesus was cut off. How can you make a covenant for 7 years if you are dead? Makes no sense.

(b) The 69th seven and 70th seven produce an overlap in preterism because three and a half years after their Jesus died, the 70th seven was completed. If that were true, the 2nd half of the 69th seven would have to overlap the 1st half of the 70th seven by three and a half years, because Jesus died immediately after the 69th seven. We all know this overlap is totally inconsistent with the consecutive accounting of the 69 sevens. (The declaration to rebuild the Temple was Nisan 1, 444 BC. 69 sevens is 173,880 years and takes us to exactly Monday, March 28, 33 AD [Gregorian] which is the 1st day of the 4 day inspection of the Lamb. The four days were March 28, 29, 30 and 31. Then Jesus dies on the cross on Friday, Nisan 14, April 1, 33 AD. Satan calls this day April Fool's Day to mock the atoning sacrifice.)

(c) Jesus died after the 69th seven, but if verse 27 completes the 70th seven 3.5 years after Jesus died, where's the everlasting righteousness upon Israel (v.24) that should immediately follow?

(d) Even with 20-20 hindsight there is no clear 7 year covenant established around when Jesus died. No historical record. And Jesus only ministered 3 years.

(e) Such allegorizing of a 7 years covenant surrounding the cross leads to more allegorization and misreading of Scripture, and pretty soon there are as many different interpretations of the past 20 centuries applied to the book of Revelation as there are prophets in the historicist churches who no longer treat it as a book of the future as Genesis is about beginnings.


Based on this evidence, we can conclude preterism is devised to reject the Jesus who will return to reign on earth with His overcomers (Jude 14,15; Rev. 2.26, 19.11-16, 20.4-6) for 1000 years. Who can say Jesus is reigning now with His overcomers over the nations with a "rod of iron"? Such preterists deny the coming 3rd Temple that Jesus will reign in for 1000 years. They claim that Jesus is reigning now and the nations are no longer deceived even though Rev. 20.3 says the nations won't be deceived in the 1000 years. To reject the millennial kingdom is considered antinomian because if you are saved according to them it doesn't matter what you do after, since there is is no time of recompense of the millennial kingdom where rewards are given to overcomers in Christ (e.g. 5 wise virgins, Matt. 25.1-13) and non-overcomers in Christ lose this reward. One's conscience is seriously degraded with that kind of attitude.

Their false teachings include:

(1) Calvinism - the pride of assuming regeneration without first repentance and faith in Christ.
(2) Historicism - no millennial peace and rewards (accountability) to reign with Christ on earth.
(3) Non-OSAS - a person can lose eternal life after new birth.
(4) False tongues - changing tongues from languages in spreading the gospel to undiscerning gibberish babble.
(5) False creation view - young earth, not accepting the restoration gap.
(6) Bipartite man - treating man as soul (spirit) and body rather than spirit, soul and body (Heb. 4.12, 1 Thess. 5.23).
(7) Adding books to the 66 books of God's word.
(8) Abusive towards women - disallowing women from being Apostles, Elders and Teachers.
(9) Denominationalism - not accepting Biblical locality of the first century.

(10) Ecumenicalism - trying to amalgamate various denominations.


(1) - the moderator, Solo Deo Gloria, who banned me was Calvinist with a picture of John Piper for his profile picture. I finally got banned after two posts, one for explaining why Matt Slick, ardent Calvinist, of CARM (see link) is not born-again and for this post:

Humbling yourself and taking the form of a man is emptying yourself of your independent attributes as well. What I said sounds exactly as I said that Jesus is fully God and fully Man. Jesus is allowed to enter His creation and empty Himself to be in the likeness of flesh. That's why He said He did not know when He would return. He really didn't know. Jesus is not the Father. That's an old heresy called Modalism. The Trinity is 3 Persons: Father, Son and Spirit. The council of the Godhead agreed the Son would atone for sins and in so doing He emptied Himself of some of His abilities but He remains the fullness of the Godhead bodily, all that God could be in the flesh. Paul said Jesus was co-equal with God, so you can only be equal with God if you are uncreated. In making Himself of no reputation He is emptying Himself of some attributes. This is proven because He did not know when He would return. Of course He knows now that He is at the right hand of the Father. He sweated blood too. Without emptying yourself I don't know how you could sweat blood. You have to be logical as well as spiritual when you read. The emptying in Phil. 2 allows Him to be fully Man and thus, a perfect sacrifice to atone for sins. My prayer is you see this one day.


The moderators and owner err in by teaching congregationalism ("I of Christ"), denominationalism ("I of Cephas" or "I of Apollo") or non-denominationalism ("I of Christ") defending their particular division. Or, other moderators go the other extreme of ecumenicalism, so if you say anything negative about a wide array of beliefs that obviously contradict each other you will be banned. Living for your emotions is devoid of moral principles. There is no consistency flipping back and forth from these two extremes. Christians are getting whiplashed by the worldly and kid mentality running


I tried again to discuss the sins of Calvinism on these forums, and again I was censored, given an infraction. I posted the 6 major sins of Calvinism which were deleted. slycooper was the moderator who gave his reason: "Discrimination of other forums of doctrines of Christianity." Is that not the bizarrest thing to say? So whatever the moderator believes, if you disagree with him and expose his false teaching, your thread is removed. Not everyone who calls himself a Christian is. Nor is it logical to think contradictory beliefs in Christendom are all true. Calvinists are not Christians, for they refuse to repent and believe in Christ to be regenerated, and they reject God of the Bible who provides sufficient grace to all to have the choice.


(11) - Chad is the owner of these forums. He has several false teachings not the least of which is Calvinism. If you defend OSAS Arminianism too fervently and expose Calvinism too mightily you will be banned.

(12) ...


"And I have faced danger from men [false brothers] who claim to be Christians but are not" (2 Cor. 11.26).

Major Hurdles

There are many serious errors in Christendom. The majority of the Administrators are Roman Catholic at (previously owned by Erwin Loh). We know that in Christendom there are the unsaved tares that try to look like the saved wheat. Calvinism hides behind the word "Reformed." Reformation is not Calvinism but "justification by faith." All 5 points of Calvinism are false (TULIP).

People engage discussion to learn and grow because they don't trust others anyway, but instead participate to exalt their views, worship God by their flesh and have already decided upon a matter to try them out on others. They aren't changing their own views, you can be sure of that. If you are a Christian who has some truth you want to share, do not expect to be received well (expect to be banned and reviled). Try to find people who agree on these 12 facts. Moderators will tear up the scroll by banning and deleting posts because it doesn't agree with their views.

One forum owner said, "One thing the Apostles in the Bible always were was Bold NOT subtle" in order to get you to disclose information about yourself so they can ban you again. The new place for Christians to get martyred is on the Internet.

When Jesus returns, He might say something like this. "You great harlot, where did I ever teach my children could lose salvation? Pentecostals, I told you not to engage in mediums and psychics. Calvinists, I did not irresistibly impose salvation on you without you having to repent and believe in Me. Historicists, how could you possibly think the 1000 years would occur before I returned? Bipartite fallen man, how could you confuse your spirit (innerman) with your soul (outerman)? Those of you who were so sure of yourselves that you would be raptured at the first rapture and those of you who were convinced you had to go through the Tribulation, where did I ever say any such things? I DON'T KNOW YOU." If there are any believers among them, they would be sent to "outer darkness" and lose their reward, outside the light of reigning with Christ during the 1000 years.