Memories of
Thompson, Manitoba, Canada
Inco's Smelter and the City of Thompson, Manitoba

Thompson celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2006 .
Population then was 13,236 but was over 20,000 in early seventies.

Thompson has the largest intergrated nickle complex in the World and suplies
10% of the worlds total nickel.

Thompson is located 500 miles north of Winnipeg and is North of the 55th
 parallel. There are many great fishing Lakes and a Provincial Park twenty
 miles to the south. The largest accessible waterfalls are forty miles to
the south (Pisew Falls).

Thompson is the Hub of the North, serving Northern Manitoba communities.
Built out of bush with the mining complex built in 1958.

Thompson can be reached by paved Highway from Winnipeg,
also with Rail Travel and Daily Air flights.

Thompson has a AAA Manitoba Hockey Team called the Norman Northstars.

Scenes around Thompson
Photos by Dennis Fontaine

(Click on an image to see a full size picture)

Thompson Towers

A&W Restaurant

  City Hall

Royal Canadian Legion

Royal Canadian Legion

Provincial  Building

Burntwood River

Burntwood River

Burntwood River Bridge

Seaplane Base

Industrial Area

Industrial Area

Industrial Area

Industrial Area

Industrial Area

Industrial Area

Industrial Area

CN Train Station


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