My First Sailboat

My First Sailboat on Lake Nepawhin, Sudbury
Photo Courtesy Art Rosedale

      I purchased my first sailboat, a sunfish, after my interest was  renewed after sailing with a coworker, Albert Whissell on his Laser. Albert had gained a lot of experience racing his Laser at the Sudbury Yacht Club and therefore had knowledge to answer my questions.

      I would sail my Sunfish at every opportunity, even though I had to carry the hull, rigging, mast and rudder 200 yds. from my house to the lake. Although  the boat was only suitable for one occupant, I sometimes was accompanied by one of my children,  Christopher, Cathy or Derek but my most enthusiastic companion was my dog, Nelson, a St. Bernard who would balance the boat instinctively by moving to the high side without any order from the captain.

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My First Sail

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Created 3 March 2002 by Mark Smith
Last Updated on 27 December 2010