Manitoulin Island and the North Channel

Manitoulin Island and North Channel

        Manitoulin Island is situated in the northern part of Lake Huron and together with Cockburn Is. and Drummond Is. to the west form the southern boundary of the North Channel. Except for Drummond Is., which is a U.S. possession, this body of water is within the confines of Canada.

        Manitoulin Is. is about 80 miles long and 30 miles wide at its widest and borders Lake Huron on the south and Georgian Bay on the east. The town of Little Current, in the northeast, with a population of 1500, provides the only roadway via a swing bridge to the mainland. Ferry service is available, May to October, from South Baymouth to Tobermory in southern Ontario.

        Although the North Channel, at nearly 100 miles long, can get rough, it is relatively peaceful compared to the conditions that can develop on the open waters of Lake Huron.

        These waters provide pleasure for many boaters from all over the world and I would be one of them after I purchased my first "big boat" and permanently docked it at Little Current.

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Created 9 March 2002 by Mark Smith
Last updated 29 January 2006