Gemini at Little Current

Gemini at Boyle Marina, Little Current, 1982

        After sailing the Sunfish for few years, I purchased my first larger sailboat that was suitable for the waters of the North Channel and beyond. This vessel is a 29ft. Northern that was built in southern Ontario, Canada. It has a beam of 8 ft., draft is 4.5 ft. and with a ballast to displacement ratio of nearly 50% provides a very stiff ride, which translates into good tracking and more resistance to heeling.

        The attractive appearance, with it's dark blue topsides and reverse transom was enough to entice me to purchase this sailboat. Initially named " Eres Tu " ( Touch the Wind ), I changed the name to Gemini and before I sold it we had sailed, safely, for nearly 11,000 nautical miles.

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Created 10 March 2002 by Mark Smith
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