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Tuija Seipell


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Tuija’s next European speaking tours are in September and November 2015.

Email tuija(at)telus.net for information or to book a presentation


20.05.2015 in Helsinki, Finland: Keynote at TEKES Fashion & Lifestyle seminar

19 & 20.2.2015 in Lapland, Finland: Speaking and workshops at Arctic Design Week

Killarney, Ireland: Opening and Closing Keynotes at EUROPARC 2014 Conference

Whistler, BC: Kick-off presentation at Nike Inc. Direct to Consumer Global Retail Design Off-Site

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Tuija’s recent article for 


The feeling of order and balance and also of rejuvenating freedom permeates this Olivier Dwek-designed residence on the island of Zakynthos, one of the Ionian Islands along the western coastline of central Greece. MORE

Tuija Seipell: Cool hunter, keynote speaker, consultant, entrepreneur, writer.

Tuija’s work focuses on customer experience, retail, consumer behaviour, creativity, innovation, design, branding, trends and communications strategy.

She helps clients clarify and express their concept, message, idea, brand and culture to their target customers. With several design-firm collaborators, she also leads and participates in brand strategy, and corporate and product naming projects.

Tuija’s diverse background in design-related business includes retail, marketing and communications. Her international business experience, Scandinavian sensibilities and North-American life experience give her a unique, strategic, big-picture perspective.

Tuija’s speaking topics include:

•  Show me a reason to love you: How and why we buy

•  Customer experience: Good enough is not good enough

•  Customer service inspired by Disney

•  Design is important to all business

•  Design thinking is a method not a theory

•  Design is a tool to create emotion

•  Selling is all about emotion

•  How to create a culture of innovation

Images from Tuija’s presentation “Why design is important to all business” at SUB-TV’s marketing event in Helsinki.

For the past eight years, Tuija has been the senior writer at The Cool Hunter, where her articles regularly draw up to 8 million views. TCH is the world’s most-read culture and design blog. It connects with more than 2.5 million readers monthly. The massive TCH newsletter subscriber list reads like the Who Is Who of the global media, communications, fashion, design, architecture and lifestyle sectors.

Tuija Seipell is also a consultant at customer experience firm Creative Insights Inc., where she is responsible for trend and background research and program development for customer experience and retail-environment projects, keynote presentations, training initiatives and retail study tours.

A dual citizen of Canada and Finland, Tuija lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. She has degrees in both business and languages, and is fluent in several languages.