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Tuija Seipell


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Tuija’s next European speaking tours are in September and November 2016.


Helsinki, Finland: Keynote at Evento magazine’s Update Forum in April 2016. Details here.

Helsinki, Finland: Presentation on Design Thinking at SLUSH 2015 technology startup conference. Watch Tuija’s session on YouTube here.

Helsinki, Finland: Studio guest panelist on YLE1, Finnish National TV to discuss Customer Service. Watch the full program (in Finnish) here. Tuija’s segment begins at 28:43.

Tromso, Norway: Two keynote presentations at the launch conference of Visit Arctic Europe, a joint tourism initiative of Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Killarney, Ireland: Opening and closing keynotes at the EUROPARC 2014 conference (the Federation of Nature and Natural Parks in Europe).

Whistler, BC, Canada: Kick-off presentation at Nike Inc. Direct to Consumer Global Retail Design Off-Site.

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     Tuija’s presentation at SLUSH 2015 in Helsinki 

November 2015: Speaking to nearly 5,000 people in Helsinki at SLUSH (slush.org), one of the world’s largest technology startup events with 15,000 participants from 100 countries. TechTrends chose her presentation as one if its Seven Lessons for Startups from SLUSH 2015. Read the article here.

Tuija Seipell: Cool hunter, keynote speaker, business advisor, entrepreneur, writer

Tuija is a passionate and inspiring speaker and workshop leader who is not afraid to talk about or express emotions. Her stories and examples stay with the audience and lead to real changes for the better.

Her topics include customer experience, retail, travel & hospitality, design, creativity, motivation and emotions – especially courage and hope.

Her clients include diverse global and multinational organizations, such as Harley Davidson, Nike and Europarc, as well as cities and other governmental entities, but also medium-size and smaller organizations around the world.

Tuija was born in Finland but has lived and worked in North America for the past 33 years, the last 26 of them in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Tuija’s recent article for 


Slender supporting pilotis and horizontal slivers of concrete characterize the cube-like residential project, White House, by Marcio Kogan’s Studio MK27. The 500 square-meter (5,380 sq. ft.) building is an elegant example of tropical minimalism. MORE

For the past nine years, Tuija has been the editor at The Cool Hunter, where her articles regularly draw up to 8 million views. TCH is the world’s most-read culture and design blog. It connects with more than 2.5 million readers monthly. The massive TCH newsletter subscriber list reads like the Who Is Who of the global media, communications, fashion, design, architecture and lifestyle sectors.

Tuija Seipell is also a consultant at customer experience firm Creative Insights Inc., where she is responsible for trend and background research and program development for customer experience and retail-environment projects, keynote presentations, training initiatives and retail study tours.

A dual citizen of Canada and Finland, Tuija lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. She has degrees in both business and languages, and is fluent in several languages.

On stage and in the media:

Presentation on Design Thinking at SLUSH 2015 technology startup conference in Helsinki. Watch Tuija’s session on YouTube here.

Article in Evento Magazine: Doing the Impossible. Read it here.

Article in Helsinki Design Week blog: Good Enough is not Good Enough. Read it here.

Studio guest panelist on YLE1, Finnish National TV to discuss Customer Service. Watch the full program (in Finnish) here. Tuija’s segment begins at 28:43.

Article (in Finnish) in Talouselämä: Miksipä ei kysymys vie eteenpäin. Read it here.

Article (in Finnish) in Markkinointi & Mainonta: Palvelumuotoilu on kömpelö sana. Read it here.

Article (in Finnish) in Stara Consulting blog about a Customer Experience workshop, Pilkettä Palveluun. Read it here.