When times get tough, the tough learn more about their customers. The surest road to sustained growth goes via your customer's heart. Always.



Tuija Seipell


Email: tuija(at)telus.net


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Tuija’s next European speaking tours are in February and April 2016.

Keynote at Evento magazine’s Update Forum in Helsinki, Finland on April 27, 2016. Details here.


Helsinki, Finland: Presentation on Design Thinking at SLUSH 2015 technology startup conference. Watch Tuija’s session on YouTube here.

Helsinki, Finland: Studio guest panelist on YLE1, Finnish National TV to discuss Customer Service. Watch the full program (in Finnish) here. Tuija’s segment begins at 28:43.

Tromso, Norway: Two keynote presentations at the launch conference of Visit Arctic Europe, a joint tourism initiative of Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Killarney, Ireland: Opening and closing keynotes at the EUROPARC 2014 conference (the Federation of Nature and Natural Parks in Europe).

Whistler, BC, Canada: Kick-off presentation at Nike Inc. Direct to Consumer Global Retail Design Off-Site.

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