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Thu 16 Aug, 6:31 AM
posted by Twin 1 in Guest Welcome

This Website is the Official Website of Twin Entertainment. Here you can find updates, gawk at pictures, and maybe even get our products.
    This is not a website to only look at once or twice. Reload EVERY page EVERY day as we update the site, adding messages, playing with tools, and hopefully amusing you.
    You should espeacially pay attention to the COMICS page where we shall update the webcomic every few days.
    If you want it a bit easier look to the left. It includes the date each page was last updated. As soon as the date changes just use the header or click the link above the text box.
    On this site you may be asked to enter your name to use a few features. The name you enter is not sent to us nore is used in anyway by anyone. For more information enter your name and click "OK" or just click the button to it's right.
Name: OK
    And for those who are confused Twin 1 is Laef and Twin 2 is Alin. Why? We were born that way.
Sun 9 Sep, 7: AM
posted by Twin 1 in Optix Book

It's finnally released! Now you can see Optix Trilogy 1 IN COLOUR  on THIS WEBSITE. You probably experienced the cover when heading to this page.

Currently there is only one page missing at the end.

Oh, and the link: Good reading.

Quick update (Fri 17 Aug, 7:34) by Twin 1

Blog. Not on blogger but on this site. It will include all the information on the main pages and history of all the posts on same excluding interactive data and introductory posts.

Twin Entertainment is an entertainment project releasing comics, (Optix, The Interspace and the Monkey's Tale) written books and, maybe, games.
More on the About page.

SIGNAL by L. Kucheran has been released!

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