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Tue 16 Oct, 5:50 AM
posted by Twin 1 in stories

It's week two of the signal... soon. This week's signal will stay for another week. But now we can announce a new book: A Work Of Fiction.
    A Work Of Fiction will have many of the Twin Entertainment stories in it.
    And on the subject of short stories I've entered another contest, this time from Cricket Magazine. We will publish the story in February. If the editors pick me as one of the winners, the story, titled Out Of The Flames, will be published THERE in February.

Tue 9 Oct, 7:42 AM
posted by Twin 1 in Signal Release

SIGNAL by Laef E. S. Kucheran has been released! We're happy!

Well, OK, it's just chapter 1.

The story centers around The Interspace where a mysterious series of power outages is occuring, an unknow signal is recieved and four (or rather five) children are running wild. And through it all we must figure out what in the cosmos is happening... and why the signal is picking up pace!

The stories was a division started after Twin 1's story, Pushed, was published in Muse Magazine. Most of the stories were written for school and base around the world of The Interspace.
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