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Nov. 21: After a brief test period, Vancouver's first FM station CBR FM 105.7 went on the air.  It was a simulcast of CBR, then CBU until 1965.  It was known as VE9FG.

1964: Nov. 8: CBU FM 105.7 begins daily regular programming separate from CBU AM.  It’s programming consists of mainly recorded classical music and BBC programs. CBU FM station history. 

1975: Nov. 3: CBC RADIO launches it’s STEREO NETWORK coast-to-coast with a special evening broadcast at 6:30 pm.  CBU FM 105.7 has operated in Vancouver since 1947. From 1965 it has received programming on a 2 week delay basis from the CBC FM broadcast dates in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto.

2007: March 19: CBC Radio 2 FM 105.7 Vancouver makes its biggest format change in over 30 years.  From 6 pm-6 am it will feature "contemporary music" in different genres.  The first two hours will have a jazz focus with some soul and Latin music, live concerts from 6-8 pm and anything goes from 10 pm-6 am. 

2008: Aug. 28 6 pm: After Jurgen Gothe's final "Disc Drive" this afternoon, CBC Radio 2 launched into its final phase (see March 19, 2007) of its new sound showcasing a wider mix of music.  It will be  limiting classical music programming to 10 am-3 pm weekdays, the Saturday Afternoon at the Opera and up to 7 other hours during the weekend.  First song played on "The New 2" the classic Motown hit "Money" by Boyz II Men.

CBU FM's first full day of programming separate from CBU 690 on Nov. 8, 1964.

CBU FM Program Schedule from 1972: A mix of original programming, BBC and some classical music programs from the AM network. 

CBU FM Program Schedule from 1973: Jazz, classical music and some local productions.

CBU FM Program Schedule from 1980: Bob Kerr and Otto Lowy have established themselves a long national presence from Vancouver.

CBU FM Program Schedule from Jan. 1983: The most recent program schedule from CBU FM to show up on this website.  The Monday-Friday program schedule & Saturday until 6 pm are the same as 1980, so only the rest of the schedule is published.