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1955:  CKDA FM 98.5  signs on the air in Victoria.  Power was 370 watts.

1965: March 20 6 pm: CKDA FM becomes CFMS 98.5 and starts broadcasting independently from CKDA.  Its broadcast day is noon-midnight 7 days a week.

1995: Sept. 1 5 pm: CKDA 1200 signs off the air.  The owners of CKDA and CFMS FM 98.5 sell the AM station to CKKQ 100.3 FM and CFMS is sold and partnered with CJVI.

Dec. 11: The new owners of CFMS which broadcast adult contemporary music from 6 am-7 pm weekdays and 6 am-6 pm weekends with “Candlelight and Wine” instrumental music in the evening start CIOC “The Ocean” which broadcasts hot adult contemporary music all the time.

CFMS-Bay FM Stereo Fair: As a salute to Victoria's first FM Stereo radio station, the Bay held a week-long Stereo Fair from March 15-20, 1965.

Ad for Victoria's first FM station: CFMS FM 98. 5 from March 20, 1965.  Notice Rudy Hartman who was the FM director had also been around when CHQM signed on in 1959 and CJVB in 1972.

Article by Bruce Lowther: The sound of CFMS, the FM end of CKDA which goes on the air at 98.5 megacycles at 6 pm Saturday should be a pleasant one if preliminary schedules from guiding hand Rudy Hartman are any indication.  CFMS will operate from noon-midnight, 7 days a week, starting Sunday.  The Monday-Friday schedule will be the same and the Saturday program lineup will be almost the same.  Light music is the key 6 days a week, but the Sunday schedule weighs in a little heavier for a good over-all balance.  News will not be on the hour, thank heavens, but at noon, 6 and 7 pm.  Sports will be at 6:10 and international commentaries at 5:30 and 8:30.  The rest is music and fun.  A few examples from Saturday night are George Sharing, Norman Luboff, Richard Tucker, Fred Waring, Wayne & Shuster, the Boston Pops, Jascha Heifetz, Peter Nero and Astrud Gilberto.  CFMS Sunday Specials will include complete operas, recitals and plays.  Sound unheard, I recommend it.