"The CFVR Story" as told in in an internal publication on the occasion of CFVR's 25th anniversary:
From 500 square feet in the Park Hotel and 4 staff in 1962, to 4800 square feet and 22 staff in 1987 . . . that describes the growth of CFVR/850 Radio.  During that same span, the station has increased its power from 250 watts at 1240 on the dial, to 10,000 watts at 850 kHz.
    CFVR went on the air for the first time on August 20th in 1962.  The station was established by Fraser Valley Broadcasters Ltd. and was basically a repeater for CHWK, Chilliwack.  It was appararent at that time that the Central Fraser Valley was on the verge of a rapid growth pattern, so 5 hours of local programming was originated from CFVR each day.  The remainder was carried common with CHWK.  Four people operated the station from 3 small rooms on the second floor of the Park Hotel in Abbotsford.
    None of the original staff is still with the station today, although present Manager, Bob Singleton, was called in shortly after the station went on the air to assist with on-location programming at the Central Fraser Valley Fall Fair.  Singleton was working at CHWK at that time and came to CFVR full time in 1964.  The first Manager of CFVR was Jack Dodge, who also served as Morning Announcer, Midday Announcer and Sales Manager.  Dodge is now Sales Manager at WFTP Radio in Fort Pierce, Florida.
     Singleton notes that the application for CFVR made to the Board of Broadcast Governors (now the CRTC) showed a capital cost of only $25,000 to establish the station.  It cost in excess of $350,000 just to move the dial location and transmitter site in 1977.  That project would be close to 3/4 of a million dollars today.
     In 1965, CFVR's staff had expanded to 7 people and 10 hours per day of local programming.  Daytime power of increased to 1000 watts in that same year. 
     Expanding program hours and staff moved CFVR into 3000 square feet of new studio space at Allwood and South Fraser Way in 1970.  About the same time, work started on studies to improve the signal strength and coverage of the station.  In 1973, work began on a long term project that culminated in February 1977 with CFVR moving to 850 on the dial at 10,000 watts. 
     In 1980, CFVR took over the entire top floor of the Allwood Building, and today works out of 4800 square feet of offices and studios.  The expansion also accommodated the additional staff and studio requirements of STAR-FM which came on the air October 1, 1986. 
     As CFVR/850 works towards its 25th anniversary, the station employs 22 people and originates all its own programming except for midnight-5 am.  A 5 person News/Sports department is part of the Satellite served Newsradio Network across Canada and the Western Information Network in B.C.  The station has 4 vehicles all radio equipped, for use in News and community events reporting.  Studio quality programming can be originated for just about anywhere in the station's service area for commercial clients.
     CFVR/850 programs an Adult/Contemporary music format, focusing on the adult hits of the late 60s, 70s & 80s.  The CFVR/850 newsroom provides the only local daily news service to the communities of Abbotsford, Matsqui and Mission. 
     Jack Dodge, Ada Mae Dueck, Dale Prior, Al Stewart, Martha Campbell . . . names to be remembered from 1962 as CFVR/850 celebrates 25 years on August 20, 1987.