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 CHEK TV is still alive and now locally owned.  There is now more CHEK TV News than ever before with a prime-time newscast 7 nights a week at 10 pm

This poster might just say it all in regards to the network affiliations that this station has had since 1956.  1956: CBC; 1963: CBC/CTV; 1981: CTV; 2001: Global-CH; 2007: E!

Station IDs:

3 logos:

CHEK TV announces its closing down on Aug. 31:
From "A Channel":

From CHEK TV News:
From 1987 the CHEK TV sign-off:
From 1991 the CHEK TV sign-on:
CHEK TV ad for Lyle's Place: Endorsed by Elvis Presley, the Beatles, U2, the Supremes & Bob Dylan:

Dec. 1: CHEK TV CHANNEL 6 VICTORIA  signs on as B.C.’s first independently owned TV station.  It became Victoria’s CBC TV affiliate until 1981. CHEK signed on at 5 pm and had a special opening night broadcast from 6:30-7 pm.  CHEK began with 1800 watts video and 900 watts audio.  In Sept. 1963, it would start broadcasting a mix of CBC TV and CTV programs.  Wikipedia history.
Opening night schedule:

The movie "Stagecoach" starring John Wayne was a 2 hour movie from 10:10 pm and not a 15 minute movie.

1963: Aug. 12: CHEK and CHAN TV Vancouver started airing common programming including programming from Victoria, which included the Noon Show during the summer and the popular teen dance show "Club 6" during the remainder of the summer of 1963.  It also shared news and sports programming as well as time shifting programs from CHAN TV. CHEK TV aired both CBC and CTV programming until Jan. 1981.

1981: Jan. 4: CHEK TV Victoria drops all CBC TV programming and becomes a full time CTV affiliate.

Jan. 26: CHEK TV starts broadcasting some GLOBAL programming beginning with the Super Bowl and the new Survivor series.  This move is in anticipation of its move to the GLOBAL network on Sept. 1.

Sept. 1: In part of a multi-channel network swap in Vancouver and Victoria, CHEK now becomes a full-time GLOBAL affiliate on a secondary network called "CH."

Sept. 7: CHEK TV rebrands today as "E! Everything Entertainment" which means that much of its programming comes from the E! Network in the U.S.  Local news will return to the use of the local call letters CHEK.  The change took place during a special "Countdown to E!" at 7 pm.



Here are some CHEK TV posters up to date:




  2 posters with Bruce Payne:

 Launching a new album featuring Vancouver Island artists.  Holding a copy of the album are on left, Bruce Payne, Stan Cayer, a Vancouver promoter and head of SGM Records.  Gathered around are Payne and Cayer from the left, Jackie Schille of Victoria, Al Cottell of Nanaimo, Linda Delmer of Nanaimo, Tom Gough of Victoria, Glenda Graham of Nanaimo (back), Sherry Smith of Nanaimo (betwen Payne and Cayer), Barry Worth of Duncan and Larry Friesen of Duncan, all featured on the record.







  Ida Clarkson 1982:



1984: Outside CHEK TV's new studio on Kings Road



1997: Hudson Mack and Jill Krop

CHEK Around 1997: Michaela Pereira and Gordie Tupper

2000: Harry Maunu on his last day at work.

 Putting up the CH sign in Sept. 2001

CHEK staff in 2004: Ed Bain, Hudson Mack, Stacy Ross, Bruce McAllister, Veronica Cooper and Meribeth Burton.
Jan. 2006: An all candidates meeting with Liberal Keith Martin, Conservative Gary Lunn, NDP Jean Crowder and Green Party Andrew Lewis with host Ed Watson.

March 2007: Scott Fee and Jennifer Crosby:

Sept. 2008: Victoria local heroes, celebrities and others were on the streets of Victoria selling the Times Colonist to raise funds for children's and family literacy programs such as Raise a Reader.  CHEK TV personalities left Gordie Tupper, Dana Hutchings and Jennifer Crosby are on Douglas Street.

June 9, 2009: welcoming 2 new news anchors Bob Kendrick and Tess van Straaten

 Celebrating 50 Years in Nov. & Dec. 2006: