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 This page is dedicated to CHQM AM 1320 from Dec. 1959-Feb. 1994 and CHQM FM 103.5 from Aug. 1960-today. 

1959:  CHQM AM history.
Dec. 10 5 pm: CHQM 1320 signed on the air with host and founder Bill Bellman signing on the station.  Phil Moore's "Misty Moon" was used as the opening theme.

 1960:  Aug. 10: CHQM FM 103.5 signs on the air with an easy listening format.  It is western Canada’s first full power FM station.  It started broadcasting in STEREO on Nov. 4, 1961.
CHQM FM station history. 

1965 March 13: CHQM FM 103.5 increases its power from 20,000 to 100,000 watts and moves its transmitter from Grouse Mountain to Mt. Seymour. 

1990: Jan. 1: CHQM 1320 changes from an easy listening  (elevator music) station to “Lite 1320” with the music of Fleetwood Mac, Elton John, the Beatles, Lionel Richie and Phil Collins.

1991: Feb. 20: CHQM 1320 dumps it’s “Lite 1320” format for “Memory Music” from the 30s to 60s.

1992: From March to September CHQM FM 103.5 now owned by CHUM Limited dropped it’s mainly instrumental play-list and evolves into an adult contemporary format.

1993:  Jan. 23: CHQM 1320 contracts out it’s late night programming from 10:30 pm-6 am Mon-Sat. nights to Canadian Chinese Radio.  In 3 weeks time, the show would start at 9 pm.

1994: Feb. 9: On Chinese New Year’s Eve at 9 pm MEMORY MUSIC CHQM 1320 ends its over 34 years of nostalgic and easy listening music with Bob Hope’s “Thanks for the Memories.”  After a brief pause CHMB 1320 signs on with an all night Chinese program.  This new multilingual format continues for about 7 months before becoming ALL Chinese Monday-Saturday. 

The QMFM Vancouver Symphony radiothons ran for 60 hours on a weekend in November for at least 7 years beginning in 1979.
 First poster.
 Poster from 1981.
 The Maestro working the radiothon.
 Maurice Foisey working the radiothon.

In 1966, a song created by CHQM Radio to celebrate Canada's centennial in 1967 was written by Jacques Wilson, Allyn Ferguson and Hugh Heller and recorded in 3 days in a Los Angeles recording studio.  The song was was called "The Evergreen Playground" and was to become the city of Vancouver's centennial theme song.  But something happened.  For the lyrics and why it didn't become the Vancouver centennial song click here.  Until 1973, when CHQM AM & FM signed off at 12:07 am late each Sunday night, they would place this song.  When CHQM AM 1320 signed off on Feb. 9, 1994, they played the song again for the last time.

     On March 13, 1965 CHQM FM 103.5 increased its power from 20,000 to 100,000 watts with a new transmitter at the 3,000 foot level of Mt. Seymour.  At that time it would become the first Vancouver radio station to broadcast 24 hours a day in STEREO.  It was estimated at that time that 1/3 of the homes in Vancouver had F.M. radios.  Bill Bellman said at that time that the future of radio was in F.M.   One of the side effects of F.M. radio is that is has two "subchannels."  CHQM FM uses one of the subchannels to carry its stereo sound while the other carries continuous background music which is played to many stores, offices and apartment buildings.  Strengthening the F.M. signal will improve reception for both services.  The signal will give good reception to Victoria, Vancouver Island and the Fraser Valley as far east as Chilliwack. 
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Len Norris cartoon spoofing "Candlelight and Wine" c. 1963

Beautiful music for a Beautiful city from 1965.  Poster 1  Poster 2

A Word about Q from Bill Bellman 1963.

CHQM AM & FM's program schedule from Feb. 1964.

CHQM 1320's DJs from 1971.

CHQM Programming from 1971.

Starlight Concert ad from 1973.
  Poster from  CHQM 1991.

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