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CJOR Vancouver (1926-88) Gallery


 CFXC 1030 started broadcasting out of New Westminster lasted until 1926 and increased power to 20 watts. More information about the start of the radio station in New Westminster and its move to Vancouver click here.

  July: CJOR signed on and shared the same frequency (730 AM) with CKCD and CKFC. One station would sign on at 7 am, sign off at 9, the next one would sign on at 9 am, sign off at noon, the third station would sign on at noon, sign off at 2 pm etc. This lasted until 1933 when each station was assigned it’s own frequencies.

CJOR 730 moves to AM 1030. CJOR history.

CJOR 1030 moves to AM 1210. Its studios were above the Alexandra Ballroom and in 1931 moved to the Grosvenor Hotel at 840 Howe St. Power increased to 500 watts. 

1933:  Oct. 1: CJOR 1210 moved to AM 600.

1941:  CJOR 600 increased its power to 1000 watts.

 Jan. 2:
CBC Radio starts the Dominion Network with CJOR Vancouver, CJVI Victoria and CHWK Chilliwack as the local affiliates.

1947:  CJOR 600 increased its power to 5000 watts.

1961:  CJOR 600 increases its power to 10,000 watts.

Sept. 2: CJOR 600 signs off after 62 years on the air with a farewell show hosted by Fanny Kiefer.  It’s personalities during the last weeks as a talk format included Wayne Cox, Barrie Clarke, Fanny Kiefer, Tom Mark, Al Davidson, Pat Burns Hot Line, Dan Russell’s Sportstalk, Shell Busey’s Mr. Build Show, Michael Levi, Horse Talk with Tommy Wolski, Bernice Gerard and Jamie Hart’s Heart Line.  CJOR signed off the air just before noon.  At noon CHRX 600  brings “classic rock” back to the Vancouver airwaves with a 90-hour commercial free music marathon until 6am Tuesday. 

CHRX Classic Rock lists:
CHRX first songs played: Its first song was Bob Seger’s “Ol’ Time Rock n Roll.
CHRX Classic 600 played on its first anniversary Sept. 1989. The Top 40 and the highlights of the countdown.  #1 STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN by LED ZEPPELIN.
CHRX Classic 600 played in 1992.  I only taped the Top 19.
CHRX Classic 600 from late Dec. 1993.  I only taped the Top 14.

In January 1994, CHRX "Classic Rock" became CKBD "The Bridge", Canada's first contemporary Christian music station.  In July 1998, the station adopted the adult standards format. 

  The Adult Standards format concluded on Nov. 13, 2008 with a 25-minute summary of CJOR/CHRX and CKBD and then launched a simulcast of the launch of CKPK FM 100.5 The Peak until Dec. 31, 2008.  CKPK FM 100.5 plays "World Class Rock."

The Rise and Fall of CJOR comparing the 1981 fall ratings with those of a year earlier.  Written in the Vancouver Sun Jan. 8, 1982.

 City Mike ad with Jack Webster from CJOR 1957.

 CJOR ad from Jan. 1953 at the top of the page.

Jack Webster meets Pat Burns and the show is on.  A story about the "Lucky Bucks" contest and how a thief got caught. Story here.

The CJOR 1973 Program Schedule at the height of the station's popularity.

Photo 1:CJOR 1969 ad

Photo 2:

Photo 3:CJOR ad from 1972

Photo 4:CJOR 1974: Talk of the Town

Photo 5: CJOR ad from 1974

Photo 6:CJOR Good Morning People from 1972

Photo 7:
Jack Webster 1973 in front of the mike with cigarette in hand.

Photo 8:
Production manager Al Jordan, who has the oh-so-smooth voice, and chief engineer Al Erdman.

Photo 9:
The CJOR News Team from 1973.

Photo 10:
Ed Murphy at the mike, 1973.

Photo 11:
A second generation in Vancouver Radio!  Billy Browne Sr. & Billy Browne Jr. 1957.

Photo 12:
Vic Waters with his basement "ham" radio station. 1957.

Photo 13:
Jack Short the "Voice of the Races" was honored with the title " Chief Flying Voice" for his service and interest in the B.C. Native Indians. 1957.

Photo 14:
CJOR President George Chandler receives congratulations on behalf of the station from popular Vancouver mayor Ed Hume on the anniversary of 31 years of successful broadcasting service.  Mr. Chandler acquired CJOR, then CFXC located in New Westminster from Mr. Hume in 1926.

Photo 15: An article on Billy Browne Jr. and his popular breakfast show in 1956. 

Photo 16:
An ad for "Disco Saturday Night" from the summer of 1979.

Photo 17: CJOR Program Schedule for Jan. 3, 1930.

ADDED Feb. 8/10:
Photo 18: Don Pedro's Orchestra and Earl Hill's Dance Band play for a radio  auction on Dec. 11, 1933 in aid of the Sun's Santa Claus Fund.

Photo 19: CJOR participated in the Radio Gala with other Vancouver radio stations from Nov. 8-11, 1933.  These programs were sponsored by radio shops to sell radios so that this new medium could be used to entertain people at home.

Photo 20: Ross Mortimer hosts "Kiddies Karnival" on CJOR Dec. 1951.

Photo 21: Vancouver Symphony Orchestra "Pops Concert" poster 1947.  It was broadcast on the CBC Dominion Network which included CJOR.

Photo 22: CJOR participated with other radio stations in a Red Cross fundraiser in March, 1947.


CJOR Schedule for April 1976
5:00 Monty McFarlane
8:00 Morning Report
8:30 Jack Webster
12:00 Noon Report
Reaction Line with Ed Murphy
4:00 Pat Burns Hot Line
8:00 John Wilson
12:00 Jerry Landa (with Comedy from 4-5 am)

6:00 Monty McFarlane
9:00 Chuck Cook
2:00 That's Entertainment with Monty McFarlane
6:00 Bob Mackin (music)
9:00 Best of Webster, Murphy & Burns
12:00 Rob Whittle

6:00 Garnet Cossey
9:00 Encounter with Bernice Gerard
10:30 Sunday Dialogue
11:00 Chuck Cook
4:00 That's Entertainment with Monty McFarlane
6:00 Bob Mackin (music)
8:00 Wilf Ray
10:00 Sunday Line with Bernice Gerard
1:30 Jerry Landa (comedy 4-5 am)