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Aug. 16: CKNW goes on the air at 1230 kcs. from New Westminster.  Unlike other radio stations CKNW got no publicity in Vancouver’s daily papers or published it’s program listings for at least 6 months. CKNW’s focus is on news and information and it hasn’t changed   Its official sign-on date was Sept. 1 with William Rea, Jr saying: "This is the International Broadcasting Company."  CKNW Radio history.

Jan. 1: CKNW 1230 moves to AM 1320 with 250 watts of power day and night.

Jan. 22 3:30 pm: Tom Reid M.P. for New Westminster threw the switch to increase CKNW's
power from 250 to 1000 watts.

Nov. 18: CKNW1320 increases its power to 5000 watts and starts using the slogan "BCs most listened to station." See photo 18 below.


Aug. 18: CKNW 1320 moves to AM 980. See photo 14 below.

Feb. 22: CKNW 980 increases its power to 10,000 watts day/5,000 watts night.

  March 26: CKNW 980 increases its power to 50,000 watts.

  From 1951: Bye Bye Blackbird--Jack Cullen, Bobby Hughes, Chris Gage CKNW


Photo 1: Bill Rea and the Rhythm Pals welcomed the Sons of the Pioneers.

Photo 2:
Jack Kyle broadcasts his "Road Show" from high above the Lions Gate Bridge.  During two hours of the show an estimated 10,000 cars passed beneath him.  From May, 1959.

Photo 3:
In 1973, Brian "Frosty" Forst takes over the morning slot and Rick Honey takes over the afternoon drive. So the ad campaign said "Forst to work--Home to Honey."

Photo 4: Janet Larmour, Michelle Cyr and Beth Leighton in the NW newsroom.

Photo 5: Dick Abbott, Jack Cullen & Hal Davis.

Photo 6:  Hal Davis producing election coverage with well-known Victoria announcer Ed Farey who was hired in 1954 to run the Orphans Fund.

Photo 7: Bill Rea in a publicity shot outside the NW fire on May 9, 1954.

Photo 8: Jim Cox was a play-by-play broadcaster for CKNW for 36 years.

Photo 9: A very young looking Wayne Cox, 1971.  Wayne is now the weatherman on BCTV/Global.

Photo 10: Arnie Nelson was a regular performer on "Ranger's Cabin."

Photo 12: Bill Fox (left) as 'Barometer Bill' with Bill Hughes, 1948.

Photo 13: The CKNW Trio performed live on "Ranger's Cabin."

Photo 14: CKNW frequency change to AM 980 in 1958.

Photo 15: CKNW "Top Dog on the West Coast." From Oct./55.

Photo 16: CKNW1320.gif

Photo 17: CKNW poster 1965

Photo 18: Nov. 18, 1954 CKNW boosts to 5000 watts.

5:00 Frosty Forst
8:00 Morning Report
8:35 Point of View
8:40 Earle's Court
8:45 Roving Mike
9:00 The Investigators with Gary Bannerman &
Shirley Stocker
12:00 Noon Report
12:35 Wayne Cox
3:00 Rick Honey
6:00 World Today
6:30 Art Finlay
8:00 The Owl Prowl with Jack Cullen
12:00 Jack Kyle
6:00 Dave McCormick
8:45 Roving Mike
9:00 Dave McCormick
12:20 Barry Gaudin
4:00 NW Weekend
8:00 The Owl Prowl with Jack Cullen
12:00 Jack Kyle
6:00 Brian Antonson
9:00 Dave McCormick
10:30 Concert Time with Hal Davis
11:00 Dave McCormick
3:00 NW Weekend
8:00 Memory Lane with Jack Cullen
10:10 Music for Sunday with Hal Davis
12:00 Nite Flight