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NEW!!March 9, 2010:  About 3/4 of the way down the page below the Poppy Family poster, new posters and biographies were added.
  For the time being this gallery will include CJJC Langley, CFVR Abbotsford, CHWK Chilliwack, CKGO Hope & the original STAR FM up to the end of 1999. 

1927: June 27:  CHWK 1210 signed on the air in Chilliwack for 2 hours a day from noon-1 pm & 6-7 pm. Power: 5 watts.   The station would move to 665, 780, 1340 and 1270, then in 2001 to FM 98.3.  For information about the Fraser Valley's first radio station click here.

CHWK 1210 moves to AM 665.  Power increases to 100 watts.

1951: April 14: CHWK 1340 moves to AM 1230.

1962: Aug. 20: CFVR 1240 signed on as Abbottsford’s first radio station mainly as a rebroadcaster of CHWK Chilliwack. Power was 250 watts.   CFVR started out with its own morning show and the rest of the day's programming was from Chilliwack. For more information click here.

1963: Jan. 19: CJJC 850 signs on as a country music station in Langley with 1000 watts founded by Joe Chesney.   CJJC history.

1972:  May 8: CKGO 1490 Hope goes on the air with 250 watts.  It broadcasts two hours a day of local programming and the rest from CHWK Chilliwack.

1975: June: CJJC 850 Langley moves to AM 800 and increased its power to10,000 watts still broadcasting country music.  Until it’s sign off in 1992, the station was always having reception problems at this frequency from KGMI 790 Bellingham.

1977: Feb. CFVR 1240 Abbotsford moves to AM 850 and increases its power to 10,000 watts. Later in the year, CKGO 1490 Hope moves to AM 1240.

1985: June 25: CJJC 800  becomes CJUP 800 under new management.  The call letters would change again in 1988 to CKST.  The station would drop its country music format for Top 40.

1986: Oct. 1: STAR FM becomes the Fraser Valley’s own FM radio station.  It broadcast a mix of adult contemporary and easy listening at 104.9 in Abbotsford and 107.5 in Chilliwack.

1990: Nov. 9: CKST COAST 800: brings “modern rock” music to the Vancouver airwaves after many unsuccessful formats at AM 800 in Langley. Veteran DJs John Tanner and JB Shayne join program director David Marsden in launching this new format.

1992: March 9: CKST COAST 800 moves it’s struggling “modern rock” from the weak AM 800 frequency in Langley to downtown Vancouver and 1040 on the AM dial becoming  CKST COAST 1040. This follows the sign-off of CIMA 1040 (Magic 104) in Vancouver on Feb. 4. This concludes local radio service in Langley. 

1994:  June 25: Following CFVR 850’s major 5 pm newscast, the station changes it’s call letters to CKMA playing rock & roll from 1955-1980 and calling itself 85 Radio MAX.

1997: Aug. 18: STAR FM expands its signal from the Fraser Valley to include Greater Vancouver.  It now broadcasts at 104.9 FM from Mt. Seymour and a new transmitter is installed to serve Mission and Abbotsford at 92.5 FM.  Its big name morning personality is Rick Honey.  STAR FM also simulcast the first 20 minutes of “Global News at 6.”  This move proved to be a flop. The same day CKVU is officially known as GLOBAL.

Sept. 8: CHWK 1270 Chilliwack and CKGO 1240 Hope join their Abbotsford station with “the Greatest Rock & Roll Hits of all Time” on Radio MAX.

CJJC Langley:
Rob Collins 1976-81 AirCheck from YouTube:

From 1969:

From 1971:

From the Alternative rock period in 1991:

CFVR Abbotsford:
  CFVR: The Early Years as told by Gerry Pash:
CFVR: The Early Years

   CFVR started out with its own morning show 6 am to 9 am from the first day on the air.  It was the first private satellite operation in the country but was licensed under the condition that it have some locally originated programing.  Eventually the noon hour was added and the 4 pm to 6 pm.  By the time we moved from the Park Hotel to Alwood Street we were separate from CHWK 6 am to 6 pm weekdays.  I recall it was 6 am to 1 pm on Saturday and Sunday was simulcast from Chilliwack.  When I left in May 1972 and that was the configuration with perhaps Saturday afternoon added.  It took much longer than 5 years to become independent and I can't say when it happened as I was running our operations in Penticton.

With many thanks for this contribution by,
Gerry Pash,
former Treasurer,
Fraser Valley Broadcasters Ltd
Managing Director Sales--CFVR 1969-1972
Previously at CHWK 1964-1969

"The CFVR Story" as told in in an internal publication on the occasion of CFVR's 25th anniversary:
From 500 square feet in the Park Hotel and 4 staff in 1962, to 4800 square feet and 22 staff in 1987 . . . that describes the growth of CFVR/850 Radio.  During that same span, the station has increased its power from 250 watts at 1240 on the dial, to 10,000 watts at 850 kHz.
    CFVR went on the air for the first time on August 20th in 1962.  The station was established by Fraser Valley Broadcasters Ltd. and was basically a repeater for CHWK, Chilliwack. More ....

CHWK Chilliwack:
From 1942:

From Dec. 10, 1951:

From Dec. 10, 1951:

From 1951:

From 1957:

From Sept. 1959:

 From 1964:

From 1972:

NEW March 9, 2010:
Biographies from 1977:

1958 license renewal:

1927 original license:

Casey Wells 1939 press ID for the Royal Visit:

1947: The launching of their new transmitter on their 20th anniversary:

CKGO Hope:

The Original STAR FM 1986-1999:

The original STAR FM personalities and program schedule.