Our mission is to ensure that all our products and services comply fully with functional-requirements, and exceed expectations.Bells and whistles are not nearly as important as performance, reliability and maintainability.
Some examples of Office-Automation systems developed
Access, Excel, Word, Outlook and VBA Applications:
  • Production Control: Machine part and material assemblies, optimised ordering (across multiple jobs), ACAD integration, complex quoting of assemblies. sub-assemblies and miscellaneous components. Machine and resource scheduling and workflow control.
  • Project and task management: due dates, reminders and responsibilities
  • Inventory control: including material-offcut tracking, supplier material and production details. Tracking of material manufacturers certificates and mapping to work-orders.
  • Asset-register: including location, movement and depreciation-reports
  • Quoting and ordering: including very complex Excel forms linked to databases and generating formatted quotes and input streams to production and inventory-control systems.
  • Electronic Document Filing: storage, multi-context indexing and sharing instant access to hundreds of thousands of documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, tiffs etc.
  • Membership databases: including all forms of data and communication
  • Contact management: including process-tracking & reminders of pending/overdue stages.
  • Automated mailing  including personalized content, automatic cycling, tracking and grouping. Automatically store e-mail into a database for archival or reporting requirements.
  • Automated Word Document Generation and Merging Word, Excel and Access.
  • Job and worker Scheduling: multi-stage processes, machine and resource availability
  • Dynamic price lists: mobile Excel price lists synchronized with databases and generating orders and quotes in the field.
  • Remote Time-entry and activity-logging (web-based): including reports for all types of users and formatted documents for invoicing.
  • Document & form dispensing: Web-based, authentication-controlled access.
  • Automated price-lists (spreadsheets), updated electronically, that print invoices and reports on demand, and upload sales-data directly into order-fulfillment systems via the internet, or emailed from customer sites. Imbed pricing-rules, bundling arrangements and custom ordering formulae into a simple Excel front-end.
  • A workbook as a front-end to a multi-user order-entry, quoting and production-scheduling system. Link to databases to leverage bulk-storage and query capabilities.
  • Use Excel, connected to web services and databases, as an online analytical tool. Download data, track workflow and production statistics as they happen; know all the figures first.


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