VE6FI is a contest station located near Morinville, Alberta in Western Canada. (Near Edmonton).

The site is at Cameron Labs, a telecommunications engineering consulting firm owned and operated by Evan Cameron, VE6BIC.

The Chief Engineer and station architect is Denis Coolican, VE6AQ. Denis has designed and built many of the antennas and linears used at VE6fi.

VE6fi is active as a M/M, M1 or M/S in the CQWW , CQWPX SSB, RAC and ARRL contests as well as Field Day. We are on LOTW.

 Updated December 2017

Moving the station 

Article - Installing a HF Beam Antenna

100% Solar Powered

 Capstan Winch


 VE6FI 80 Meter  Beam/4square                                          


Things go wrong (New)

 Contest Results                                                           

 Contest Operators


 Wifi linking System

 Remote Station

 Field Day

 Raising  new 20 meter beam Sept 2006

RampDown Rotator Controller

Wire Log Periodic Antennas for Sale

Article - Solar Charger for 2.4KW System



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