Ve6fi Amateur Radio

10 Meter Antennas

This is a home brew 10 meter beam used at VE6FI. It uses a 36 boom of three inch aluminum tubing which is supported by a truss and utilizes the elements through the boom concept.  The 10 meter beam utilizes the OWA (Optimized Wideband Antenna) concept by NW3Z. I did utilize the modeling program Eznec  to modify the dimensions of a larger antennas to fit it on a 36 foot boom. The elements are 1.5 inch aluminum tubing tapering down to 1.0 inch diameter tubing at the ends.

This 10 meter beam will cover the complete 10 meter band with less than 1.5:1 SWR.  The OWA feed is 50 ohms. You can tune this antenna  on the sawhorses and get almost the same results when you put it in the air.  You get a 50 ohm feed by bringing in the first director closer to the driven element. You minimize the reactance by adjusting the length of the driven element.  All material has a yield of 40KPSI. I utilize a spread sheet to calculate the strength of the elements at a given wind speed.  



The front to back ratio is good and the gain is great. In fact during a contest the front to back ratio is too good and it is difficult to hear someone calling on the back of the beam.  The antenna is now mounted at 72 ft on a self supporting Trylon tower.         


The stepper shown above is mounted at the 60 ft level of a 100 ft 20 inch tower. It is usually used as a second antenna on 15 meters. The above photo shows the stepper before it was moved to its new location.


Above is the 4 element Stepper installed  It is used as a second antenna on 15 meters or 10 meters.  Mighty nice