Ve6fi Amateur Radio

15 Meter Antennas

This is a home brew monobander for 15 meters. It is mounted on a 36 foot boom and the elements go through the boom.  The elements are 1.5 inches in diameter and taper down to 5/8 of a inch. The beam is built along the lines of the W2PV antenna. It is physically symmetrical, is fed with a hairpin feed. 

This antenna is mounted at the 100 foot level of a guyed 20 inch face tower. It covers the band with an SWR of less than 1.7:1   It is fed with a 250 foot length of  7/8 foam transmission line. This picture was taken when it was loaded with frost.






The stepper shown above is mounted at the 60 ft level of a 100 ft 20 inch tower. It is usually used as a second antenna on 15 meters.