VE6FI Amateur Radio




                                                                    80 meter 4 square

                & 80 meter rotatable and tuneable dipole


Above - installing vertical for the 4 square





Above - 4 square 80 meter controller.  Cable are 50 ohm 1/2 foam at 1/4 wavelength electrical to the base of the verticals. Cables are all the same length. The controller did not come with any schematic and did not specify where a person installs the inductor and capacitor to adjust the phases to other than -90 and -180 degrees!



Above is the pickup for the power dumped into the dummy load. Remote pick up is connected to the SWR meter in the shack.  The 4 square controller is also in the shack.  It indicates 4 directions as well as one mono position where it just connects to one vertical.



Above is the box at the base of the verticals.  It includes the coil to ground to discharge static electricity and for some lightening protection.




The 1/4 wave radials are soldered to the copper strip surrounding the vertical base. The radials are soldered to the copper strip and a ground rod is also inserted at the base of each tower.


To see the tuneable rotatable dipole go here