Ve6fi Amateur Radio


After November 1 2010

Ve6fi is moving in 2011.  We are moving the complete site about 500 ft. to the west on new property as the previous property has been sold.  That means that we have to move our existing buildings which include one 12 x 60 ft mobile home as well as three 40 ft Seacans.


Antennas and towers that will be moved include a 3.7 to 30 MHz rotary log and tower, one 120 ft 20 inch tower with a 5 element full size 40 meter beam, one 10m 6 element beam and tower, one 15m 6 element beam and tower, one 4 element stepper antenna and tower, one 50 foot power pole, and four full sized 1/4 wavelength phased verticals. Odds and ends will also have to be moved.


Since we plan to do most of the work our self and at our own pace we have acquired a few pieces of equipment to make life a bit easier.





November 2010

So far in November 2010 we have removed an existing wire log antenna from the 20m tower, we have removed a 50 ft pole holding a discone antenna, removed a 2 element 80m delta loop.  We are now progressing to survey the new site and laying out the foundation for a new 32 x 60 building.  Erection of this building will be a winter project. 


May 2011

Above picture shows where I am digging up some of the transmission and control lines to the 40 meter tower. There are two 75 ohm 3/4 inch transmission lines and three control lines in three separate trenches.




May 2011

The above picture shows some of the radials that were removed from the array. There were 64 radials per vertical and there were four verticals.





May 2011

The above picture shows Evan Ve6fi disconnecting radials from the bottom on one of the 80m insulated verticals.









Removal of HF Log Beam at Ve6fi







Removal of 40m 5 element beam at ve6fi