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Many operators has enjoyed contests, field days or 'get together' at ve6fi. Although we do not run all of the contests you well usually find us in the SSB CQWW, CQWPX, ARRLDX, ARRL10meter, RAC Winter Contest and Field Day in June

Below are some of our most active Operators:

First of all you will find Denis Ve6AQ in all of the contest that we participate in. If no one else comes out Denis will operate as 'Single Operator'.  Denis has been operating from this locations since 1992.  He is out at the contest site one or two days a week and will spend some of that time operating. For the last two years he has been operating the station remotely from his home in Edmonton 25 kilometers away. More on that in the remote amateur station in another section.

Evan, Ve6fi operates in most of the contests. He and Denis enjoy operating late into the night during contests. Evan enjoys 160 meters and 80 meters and sure would like to have the antenna selection expanded on 160 meters. It looks like another project for this summer.  Evan is definitely a cool and steady operator - when others around him are yelling, screaming and  changing bands, Evan is quietly adding to the Q's.

Gerry Ve6lb contest with us quit often.  He definitely is a DXer since he has most of the countries worked, .  He knows where to look, where to call, where to point and is a master of working station on 40 meters. He also helps to solve technical problems which we sometime experience during a contest.

Paul, Ve6py also from Calgary comes up. Paul has as many countries as Gerry Ve6lb, so Paul is always a welcome sight at contest time.

Dave Ve6KD is our neighbor and he usually drops in to operate for a number of hours during the contests.

Lloyd Ve6xl has been out to operate with us.  He is building his station in the West end of Edmonton and likes the open spaces and antennas around Ve6fi.

We have other operators such as Dave Ve6kd and Ivan Ve6ivn.








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