VE6FI Amateur Radio



When Things Go Wrong


Well we were trenching across the driveway to replace a culvert when all of a sudden pieces of wire started coming up as shown in the photo below.  Well it was not a 50 pair cable, it was a 100 pair. Seems like it was in service as the telephone company was soon on the scene. Bugger!




Well the bush road to the Ve6fi site is not always in good condition and sometimes we just cannot make it through. Just abandon the vehicle and wait till it dries up.  bugger!



It seems like water was coming faster than the culvert under the road could handle it. This is the entrance to the Ve6fi radio site. Water came up to the floor on the power seacan but did not do any damage. Bugger!


More trouble in the snow. Now where is that bush road under the snow.  Not here I guess



We were trenching cable when all of a sudden we slipped into our own trench. Now how do we get this 16,000 pound baby out of there! got a D9 Cat you can lend us!


Well we knew it was overloaded but we built it anyway. That Wilson tribander has a fair amount of wind load. Seems like it was a bit much for the Delhi tower.  Funny that we do not use Delhi towers any more. bugger!



Sometimes we have to do a Winter works project especially if there is a contest coming up. It is always good to have some help at times like this.


The story about the picture below is as follows:  During the heat of the contest I was switching bands and antennas in a half dazed state when I mistakenly switched the 1.5 KW amp on 80m into the 40m beam.  The 40m beam did not seem to work after that! The commercial balun is right besides the driven element but the driven element is about 15 feet down the boom and is not within reach from the tower. The antenna is a 5 element on a 60 foot boom so how does one fix that?  Walk along the boom - not for me. The antenna was designed so that it could be tilted down so a person with long arms could reach the driven element and replace the balun. The picture below shows the antenna tilted so that the repair could be done.  Bugger!


Well we had big plans. We were going to build a full size 80m beam that could be tuned remotely so that the whole band could be covered. Big plans - big job. The picture below show the main structure built with Delhi tower sections.  On each end there would be more pipe and coil and a stepper motor that would adjust the element lengths. It was a learning experience. I built three different versions of this antenna. The final version used an expanding coil at the center and that all worked.  I even had the anchors installed for a 150 ft. tower that we had on site on which I wanted to install this antenna on.

  Finally I decided that it was too much to put and keep it operational  at 150 ft with no crane on site.  So instead I built an 80 meter four square which works well and is easy to maintain.


We were building a big shed on the ve6fi site. We had installed all the footings and had put together all the web sections. On this particular Sunday we were using the crane to put up the sections. We did not have things stabilized and when one section collapsed it took the ladder and me down to the ground. The ambulance was on site in 3 minutes. I survived but had a cracked pelvis bone.  It all healed up but we never did continue with the building project so all our machinery is still not under cover. My wife says we shouldn't have been working on Sunday! Bugger!