Ve6fi Amateur Radio

Building a 5 element OWA Yagi at VE6FI


This antenna is similar to the other 20m Monobanders that we have installed on the tower. It was model with EzNec, Tapered sections were calculated, and the wind loading on the elements was calculated. Al pipe and tubing was used to build the antenna. The tubing uses 0.065 wall thickness, instead of the telescope AL found in 0.058 sections which would fit nicely into one another.












Installing a new 20 meter monobander at ve6fi

The pictures below shows:

bulletthe removal of a 36 ft OWA monobander from the 110 ft level
bulletInstalling a new 36 ft OWA monobander at the 110 ft level
bulletInstalling the removed monobander to the 40 ft level.

The team members were Wayne Ve6nwr, Don Ve6jy, Larry Ve6vm, Denis Ve6aq, Les Ve6og, Derick Ve6bi, Dave VE6kd, Chris Ve8wd, Evan Ve6fi, Dave ve6kd