Ve6fi Amateur Radio




Evan Cameron, Ve6fi owns the amateur radio facility and the surrounding 80 acres of land. He is the major sponsor of the amateur station VE6fi. The building that houses the amateur radio station is utilized by Evan for his Engineering practice. Evan provides a well stocked laboratory which allows for experimentation, building and testing of amateur equipment and designing and building of antennas.


Ian Ve6ob, shown below has been involved in the design and coding of all the PIC (micro controllers) that we use at Ve6fi.  He developed  the circuit that we use for all of our antenna switching. This circuit assures that only antennas are selected for the frequency that the radios are tuned to. - No hot switching and no selecting the incorrect antenna during the heat of the contest.  Ian has recently completed a ramp up/ramp down controller that we can use on the antenna rotators that turn the large antennas.  This allows the antenna to stop gradually which makes for longer lasting rotators. We appreciate the assistance Ian gives to us at Ve6fi.

Just lately Ian has designed and built a charge controller for our solar power installation. It produces no noise, has flexible methods of adjustment and works reliably.
















Ted, ve6kib, shown on the right does a lot of our visual basic software coding. He has been involved in putting graphics on the screen that allows us to select any of five antennas on each band.

He has also completed the visual basic interface to our 80m controller that allows us to adjust the elements lengths on our 80m 2 element Yagi to any frequency between 3.5 and 4.0 Mhz.

Ted is very patient and thorough in his work.  His work has help streamline our operations at the Ve6fi station.



Martin Berger, (SK June 8, 2007) Ve6ara has the exclusive on doing all of our welding and machining. Martin did all of the fabricating of the cradle and mast for the 40 meter five element bean and for the 20 meter five element beam. He says that wants to do thing correctly as he doesn't want any calls at  2:00 in the morning. Martin's lathe comes in handy when we are making antenna elements and different sizes of aluminum have to be joined together. We do not use .058 inch wall aluminum but use .065 inch wall aluminum as it is 25% of the cost.  Martin also provides different alternatives as how items should be built. He is a responsive sponsor.







Herman Reintjes Ve6add provides an abundant amount of expertise in the electrical, electronic and mechanical field. Denis uses him as a sounding board for different aspects of projects.  In this picture Herman is shown replacing the bearings (all 16 of them) in a prop pitch rotator which got filled with water!.  Herman also provides back up equipment for us to have on hand during contests.







Dave Lozinski (SK)  may not be a Radio Amateur but he certainly has a source of transmission lines that come in handy at our site. One morning we came to the radio site and  Dave's fifth wheel trailer was parked in the driveway with a full reel of 3/4 inch 75 ohm CATV cable, a reel of 12 pair #19 grease-filled control cable and a reel of fiber optic cable. Well one never knows when the fiber optic cable will be required. We think that Dave wants to make sure that Amateurs realize that they are in the 21st century!





Dave Gervais Ve6kd is our neighbor who lives a mile from the site.  He just drops his tractor off whenever we need it and is always ready to help.



Don Ve6jy has a lot of experienced in putting up towers and antennas so we like to have him on board as our 'straw boss' when we are pulling anything up or down.  Here Don is operating Dave's VE6kd tractor as we get set up to lift the 80 verticals into place




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