Ve6fi Amateur Radio



Ve6fi is moving in 2011.  We are moving the complete site about 500 ft. to the west on new property as the previous property has been sold.  That means that we have to move our existing buildings which include one 12 x 60 ft mobile home as well as three 40 ft Seacans.


Antennas and towers that will be moved include a 3.7 to 30 MHz rotary log and tower, one 120 ft 20 inch tower with a 5 element full size 40 meter beam, one 10m 6 element beam and tower, one 15m 6 element beam and tower, one 4 element stepper antenna and tower, one 50 foot power pole, and four full sized 1/4 wavelength phased verticals. Odds and ends will also have to be moved.

Equipment used in the move

Removal of all antennas

Installing new Towers and Antennas

Installing more antennas