HF Station

Begali Simplex mono, a Signal Electric straight key and Vibroplex Lightning Bug,formerly owned by my Elmer Bernie Best VE7CJ [sk].

Another addition in the shack is the LP-PAN panadapter from N8LP. This, in conjuction with an E-Mu external soundcard as well as TRX-Pan and N4PY software, has made DX a lot of fun allowing "click and shoot" access with a click of the mouse!

I've also added a Timewave - Navigator with built in sound card to connect the rig to the computer via a USB port.

The "data" switch in the centre allows me use the Navigator and N4PY software with either the Ten-Tec Orion or the Omni VI.

The LP-100A watt meter, designed by N8LP, monitors HF rigs as well as 6 metre.

Note: TEN-TEC, N4PY, N8LP, Timewave, and Begali Keys must ALL be complimented on their exemplary customer support. Thanks to all for their willing assistance.

For a more complete description of my operating conditions visit my version of the TEN-TEC Closet Kilowatt.

On 6 metres I use an SSB Electronic LT 6S transverter. This uses the Orion as a 28 MHz I.F. The 50 MHz amp is a TE Systems Model 0510G (10 watts in 170 watts out).

Below is the backup rig a Ten-Tec Omni VI