VegiePower Biofuels.

Run your diesel engine on vegetable oil.

SVO Conversions

PlantDrive has developed a dependable and durable SVO system for Canadian applications that work exceptionally well with our climate.

Please check out their website for the various components. We will be happy to talk with you about the right product for your specific application.

PlantDrive Systems

Prices start at $699 US

1992 Mitsubishi Delica













This Delica is running on WVO in Churchill Manitoba, competing with the Tundra Buggies in a more environmentally conscious way. It has a two tank kit with a 60L plastic tank in the rear. We currently have custom built aluminum tanks for this vehicle


A few of the projects we have recently completed:

VegiePower Biofuels

Dr. Torie Carlson, R. Psych.

Canmore, Alberta, Canada

P. 403-688-5323

f. 888-783-3691



2003 Ford Econoline Van







This owner went all out and ordered the VO Controller for full automation. The VO Controller automatically manages your fuel system including valves, electric and injection line heaters and injection overrides. It allows you to get into your vehicle and drive. When the engine is at optimal temperature it automatically switches you to Vegetable Oil. When you arrive at your destination and turn off the key, it keeps the engine running until the oil is purged from your fuel system.

Other Vehicles Converted:

 1990 Toyota Hilux-Surf

 1987 Toyota Landcruiser BJ74

 1990 Mitsubishi Delica

 1992 Ford F-350 7.3L Diesel