VegiePower Biofuels.

Run your diesel engine on vegetable oil.

We can import a high quality diesel vehicle for you from Japan.  We can convert your existing vehicle or one we import for you to run on Straight Vegetable Oil as well as diesel.

What we do...

From the PlantDrive Website:

“It is possible to operate a modern diesel engine on renewable, sulphur-free, cleaner burning, local, sustainably produced and processed, job-creating, agriculture-supporting plant oils, but since petroleum diesel fuel has been inexpensive relative to vegetable oil, the field has been relatively unexplored in recent years. That is changing. In fact, in many parts of the world, vegetable oil is already less expensive than petroleum diesel fuel. We supply what is needed to convert diesel engines to operate using Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO) as fuel, without conversion to "biodiesel" or the addition of solvents.

SVO/WVO Conversions

We can import quality used diesel vehicles from Japan. These vehicles must be at least 15 years old to import into Canada.  These are low kilometer, diesel, rust-free vehicles at a fraction of cost of comparable vehicles in Canada.  We arrange for our broker in Japan to locate a vehicle to your specifications, arrange for shipping to Calgary, customs clearance, and the Out-of-Province inspection all for a low fee, based on a percentage of the purchase price.  If you choose to have your vehicle converted this fee is reduced significantly.

For more information about this service:

Importation of Vehicles from Japan


We are an authorized dealer/installer for PlantDrive SVO systems.



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