Ahnentafel of Grietje de Boer

This is the ahnentafel (kwartierstaat) of my grandmother. She was born in Hindeloopen, and her ancestors come from there, and from the surrounding areas. You will find surnames such as Abbema, Baarda, Bangma, de Boer, Bokma, Dijkstra, Feenstra, van der Kooi, Kooistra, van der Meer, van der Velde, Wiersma, plus many others in the related families. For the names only, go to the overview of the first 7 generations. There is an index to all parents of families in this ahnentafel.

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I would also like to thank those who have helped me - in particular B de Haan and H van der Tol.

Generation I

1. Grietje de Boer. Born Hindeloopen 10.07.1895, daughter of Douwe Wiepkes de Boer (2) and Gerbrandia Johannes Bokma (3). Grietje de Boer was married with Bronno Jan de Haan.

Generation II

Gerbrandia Johannes Bokma Douwe Wiepkes de Boer

2. Douwe Wiepkes de Boer. Born Hindeloopen 9.11.1865, son of Wiepke Sybolts de Boer (4) and Wiebrig Douwes Kooistra (5). Died Hindeloopen 6.12.1904. He did his military service in the 1e Regiment Velde Artillerie from 6.05.1885 to 5.05.1892. He married Hindeloopen 1.04.1894 with:
3. Gerbrandia Johannes Bokma. Born Lollum 2.11.1866, daughter of Johannes Jans Bokma (6) and Grietje Gerbens van der Meer (7) Died 's-Gravenhage 14.08.1932.
  1. Grietje de Boer (1). Born Hindeloopen 10.07.1895.
  2. Wiepke Douwes de Boer. Died Haren 4.05.1956. Married with Gerarda Jordens.
  3. Johannes de Boer.

Generation III

4. Wiepke Sybolts de Boer. Born Hindeloopen 11.07.1836, son of Sybolt Menzes de Boer (8) and Frouke Freerks Wiersma (9). Died Hindeloopen 28.06.1919. Married Hindeloopen 12.05.1861 with:
5. Wiebrig Douwes Kooistra. Born Piaam 21.01.1841, daughter of Douwe Klases Kooistra (10) and Antje Uilkes Feenstra (11)
Children (among others):
  1. Sybolt de Boer. Born Hindeloopen 10.06.1862, died Workum 4.07.1900. Married Hindeloopen 10.09.1886 with Eelk Sikkes, born Hindeloopen 18.12.1857, daughter of Jogchem Pieters Sikkes and Etk Yntjes Wybrants.
    Children (among others):
    1. Wiebrigje de Boer. Born Workum 3.03.1887. Married Hindeloopen 19.07.1906 with Rintje de Boer, born Workum 7.01.1878, son of Freerk de Boer and Antje Visser.
  2. Douwe Wiepkes de Boer. Born ca 10.1863. Died Hindeloopen 11.03.1864.
  3. Antje de Boer. Born Hindeloopen 7.11.1864. Married Hindeloopen 9.05.1884 with Yntje Sikkes, born Hindeloopen 20.08.1856, son of Jogchem Pieters Sikkes and Etk Yntjes Wybrants.
    1. Wiebrig Sikkes.
    2. Pieter Sikkes.
  4. Douwe Wiepkes de Boer (2). Born Hindeloopen 11.11.1865.
  5. Froukje de Boer. Born Hindeloopen 23.10.1867, died 16.07.1941. Married Hindeloopen 15.05.1887 with Bauke Folkertsma, born Molkwerum 10.11.1865, died 28.06.1945, son of Lolke Tjittes Folkertsma and Tryntje Sierds de Jong.
    Children (among others):
    1. Wiebrigje Folkertsma. Born Hindeloopen ca 1890. Married Hemelumer Oldephaert 11.05.1911 with Gerrit Bouwstra, born Molkwerum ca 1883, son of Fekke Cornelis Bouwstra and Tjitske Gerrits de Jong.
    2. Wiepke Folkertsma. Born Koudum ca 1892. Married Ferwerderadeel 23.08.1917 with Ytje Koopmans, born Warnwerd ca 1893, daughter of Teke Thomas Koopmans and Antje Syes Bonger.
    3. Siebolt Folkertsma. Born Koudum ca 1896. Married Hemelumer Oldephaert 14.05.1920 with Antje Dykstra, born Koudum ca 1897, daughter of Siek Dykstra and Wypkje Schurer.
  6. Freerk de Boer. Married Hemelumer Oldephaert 15.05.1890 with Hinke Piersma.
    Children (among others):
    1. Wybrigje de Boer. Born Warns ca 1892. Married Hindeloopen 23.05.1918 with Wigle Kramer, born Koudum ca 1892, son of Bauke Kramer and Tryntje Hoekstra.
    2. Wiepke de Boer. Born Warns ca 1898. Married Hemelumer Oldephaert 31.07.1919 with Aaltje de Boer, born Poppingewier ca 1898, son of Sjouwe de Boer and Jeltje Elzinga.
  7. Anna Akke de Boer. Born Hindeloopen 4.09.1879. Married Hindeloopen 28.04.1898 with Christiaan Drayer, born Molkwerum 17.07.1874, died Gaasterland 10.07.1941, son of Bauke Cornelis Drayer and Jantje Gatzes Jaagsma.
    Children (among others):
    1. Bauke Cornelis Drayer. Born Molkwerum ca 1901, died Leeuwarden 25.09.1929. Married with Jacoba Kuipers.

Possibly Grietje de Boer with her cousins.

6. Johannes Jans Bokma. Born Piaam 7.02.1825, son of Jan Johannes Bokma (12) and Tryntje Douwes Bangma (13). Died Workum 21.03.1901. Married Ferwoude 4.05.1850 with:
7. Grietje Gerbens van der Meer. Born Ferwoude 18.02.1823, daughter of Gerben Derks van der Meer (14) and Ymkjen Ruurds van der Kooi (15). Died Hindeloopen 26.06.1885.
Children (among others?):
  1. Akke Bokma. Born Lollum 20.05.1851. Married Wonseradeel 25.05.1878 with Jan Yntema, born Cornwerd 15.09.1839, son of Jan Lambertus Yntema and Jeltje Jans Haarsma.
  2. Ymkje Bokma. Born Lollum 28.09.1861. Married Workum 9.05.1896 with Bauke Attema, born Scharnegoutum 17.09.1861, son of Rein Jans Attema and Antje Baukes van der Velde.
  3. Tryntje Bokma. Born Lollum 20.09.1863. Married Hindeloopen 1885 with Tjeerd Herres Rinia, born Cornwerd 26.10.1855, son of Herre Tjeerds Rinia and Antje Jans Yntema.
  4. Gerbrandia Johannes Bokma (3). Born Lollum 23.04.1866.
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