Generation VI

40. Johannes Douwes. Baptised Gaast 1.06.1731, son of Douwe Wybes (80) and Tryntje Johannes (81). Died Piaam 11.02.1809, age 60?, leaving a wife and 8 children, 6 by a first marriage, and 2 by a second marriage. Married (2) Piaam 18.08.1805 with Magdalena Gabes, widow of Riemer Pytters. Married (1) Makkum 23.09.1753 with:
41. Reinskjen Klasens. At marriage from Makkum. Baptism not found there. Died Piaam 8.07.1803. Daughter of Claas Tonnis (82) and Marte Jans (83)
    By Reinskjen Klasens:
  1. Douwe Johannes van der Kooi. Born/baptised Wons 1/9.11.1755. Married (1) Pyttie Alles, born/baptised Allingawier/Idsegahuizen 8.06.1766/7.05.1786, daughter of Alle Jarigs and Sjiurdtje Sybrens. Married (2) 22.03.1801 with Sjouckjen Cleises Deinum, born/baptised Koudum 10/21.03.1773, daughter of Kleis Sipkes and Teuntje Ottes.
      By Pyttie Alles:
    1. Sjurdje Douwes Kooistra. Baptised Piaam 23.07.1786. Married there 3.11.1806 with Jacob Annes Wijtsma.
    2. Johannes Douwes. Baptised Piaam 22.07.1787.
    3. Reinskjen Douwes. Baptised Piaam 26.10.1788. Married with Haaye Jacobs Posthuma.
      By Sjouckjen Cleises Deinum:
    1. Joannes Douwes. Baptised Piaam 18.07.1802.
    2. Theuntje. Baptised Piaam 18.09.1803. Died Gaast 9.11.1832. Married with Alle Jans Postuma.
    3. Joannes Douwes. Baptised Piaam 28.06.1807.
    4. Marthen Douwes. Born/baptised Piaam 28.10/11.12.1808.
    5. Johannes Douwes van der Kooij. Born/baptised Piaam 29.05/15.07.1810. Married Wonseradeel 3.06.1843 with Johantjen Klazes Schaaf, born Makkum 17.05.1816, daughter of Klaas Gerlofs Schaaf and Oetske Cornelis de Boer.
    6. Martha Douwes van der Kooij. Born/baptised Piaam 29.05/15.07.1810. Married Wonseradeel 2.05.1835 with Cornelis Klazes Schaaf, born ca 1805, son of Klaas Gerlofs Schaaf and Oetske Cornelis de Boer.
    7. Klaaske Douwes. Born/baptised Piaam 9/27.10.1811, died Vriesland, Michigan, USA 15.01.1875. Married with Hessel Ottes IJntema, born Exmorra 15.04.1811, son of Otte Hessels Yntema and Fettje Baukes Jansen.
    8. Klaas Douwes van der Kooi. Farmer. Born Piaam 13.06.1814, died Hindeloopen 22.02.1864. Married with Scheltje Martens Sikkema, born Workum 9.11.1818, daughter of Marten Sikkes Sikkema and Lysbet Ydes Frankena.
  2. Martha Johannes. Born/baptised Wons 25.02/5.03.1758. Died 19.02.1838. Married Sytse Rommerts Poletiek, born ca 1749, died Wons 13.02.1822, son of Rommert Oepkes Poletiek and Antje Jans.
    1. Rommert Sytses Politiek. Born 19.02.1782 (Doopgezinde). Married (1) with Sierkjen Hessels Yntema, born ca 1780, died Wons 15.10.1824, daughter of Hessel Douwes Yntema and Afke Ottes. Married (2) Wonseradeel 24.11.1827 Reinskje Klaases Kooistra.
    2. Oepke Sytses Politiek. Born ca 1785. Married with Doutzen Ottes.
    3. Antje Sytses Politiek. Born Pingjum 14.05.1789 (Doopgezinde). Married (1) Tjerkwerd 20.11.1812 with Anne Jans Feenstra, born 11.03.1791, died 6.04.1819. son of Jan Annes Feenstra and Dieuwke Baukes. Married (2) Wonseradeel 2.06.1821 with Rients Wiebes Plantinga son of Wybe Rientses and Tryntje Hanzes.
    4. Johannes Sytses Politiek. Born ca 1790. Married Wonseradeel 10.09.1814 with Lijsbeth Martens Tilsma.
    5. Reinder Sytses Politiek. Born Witmarsum 23.11.1792 (Doopgezinde). Married Wonseradeel 23.05.1818 with Sjoerdtje Baukes van der Meer.
  3. Tryntje Johannes. Born/baptised Wons 9/17.02.1760.
  4. Tryn Johannes Kooistra. Baptised Piaam 21.03.1762. Died Idsegahuizen 2.02.1827. Married with Doekele Pieters Postma.
    Children (among others?)
    1. Reinskjen Doekeles Postma. Born ca 1789.
    2. Bregtje Doekeles Postma. Born ca 1797, died 10.05.1826.
    3. Pieter Doekeles Postma. Born Makkum 13.06.1798. Married Wonseradeel 1820 with Geertje Murks de Boer, daughter of Murk Douwes de Boer and Antje Lieuwes.
    4. Johannes Doekeles Postma. Born ca 1799.
    5. Wiebe Doekeles Postma. Born Idsegahuizen 10.03.1801. Married Wonseradeel 1825 with Tryntje Murks de Boer, born Gaast 8.02.1801, daughter of Murk Douwes de Boer and Antje Lieuwes.
  5. Klaas Johannes Kooistra (20). Baptised Piaam 14.10.1764.
  6. Inkjen Johannes. Baptised Piaam 28.12.1766. Died Exmorra ca 06.1805. Married 25.09.1791 with Doekele Douwes Terpstra, died Schettens 6.05.1824, son of Douwe Sybrens and Geertje Cornelis.
    1. Renske Doekeles Terpstra. Married Homme Wytses de Vries.
    2. Douwe Doekeles Terpstra. Married Antje Douwes Rietsma.
    3. Geertje Doekeles Terpstra. Born 8.09.1799 (Doopgezinde). Married Wonseradeel 1824 with Douwe Sytses Rienstra, born/baptised Idsegahuizen 9/23.11.1800, son of Sytze Rientjes and Jantje Douwes.
    4. Johannes Doekeles Terpstra. Born 9.08.1800 (Doopgezinde). Married (1) Wonseradeel 31.05.1823 with Sybrigje Jetses Rietsma. Married (2) Aafke Klaases Miedema.
    5. Pietje Doekeles Terpstra. Born Exmorra 26.08.1802. Married Wonseradeel 31.05.1823 with Sijbren Tjallings Rietsma.
  7. Wybe Johannes. Baptised Piaam 7.05.1769.
  8. Claaske Johannes. Baptised Piaam 19.08.1770. Died Exmorra 18.03.1814. Married with Jan Annes Feenstra, son of Anne Jans and Saakje Hattums and widower of Djuwke Baukes Wiersma. He died Exmorra 18.03.1824.
    1. Djuwke Jans Feenstra. Born/baptised Exmorra 20/27.03.1796. Married Wonseradeel 1817 with Jan Pieters Velzen.
    2. Johannes Jans Feenstra. Baptised Exmorra 9.07.1797.
    3. Saakje Jans Feenstra. Born/baptised Exmorra 23.05/2.06.1799. Married Wonseradeel 31.05.1823 with Douwe Tjallings Riedsma.
    4. Reinskjen Jans Feenstra. Baptised Exmorra 24.05.1801. Married Wonseradeel 16.06.1821 with Douwe Douwes Riedsma.
    5. Eerde Jans Feenstra. Baptised Exmorra 27.03.1802.
    6. Klaas Jans Feenstra. Baptised Exmorra 17.03.1805.
    7. Douwe Jans Feenstra. Baptised Exmorra 16.09.1810. Died Allingawier 10.05.1811.
    8. Rigtje Jans Feenstra. Baptised Exmorra 16.09.1810. Died Allingawier 7.06.1811.
  9. Wybe Johannes Kooistra. Born Piaam 13.05.1773, baptised Pinkster. Living in Piaam 1811.
  10. Akke Johannes. Born/baptised Piaam 23.11.1776/19.01.1777.
  11. Ymkjen Johannes. Born/baptised Piaam 22.11/6.12.1778, died Idsegahuizen 14.04.1839. Married Makkum 15.05.1808 with Anne Bastiaans de Haan, born/baptised Makkum 16.09.1785/17.04.1788, son of Bastiaan Annes de Haan and Aaltje Harmens.
    By Magadalena Gabes:
  1. Jiskjen Johannes. Baptised Piaam 6.07.1806. Died Ferwoude 15.12.1812.
  2. Tjierk Johannes. Baptised Piaam 6.07.1806. Died Ferwoude 17.10.1810.

42. Albert Roelofs. Died Makkum 28.03.1803. Son of Roelof Andries (84) and Tryntje Jacobs (85) At marriage from Makkum, baptism not found. Married Makkum 22.11.1778 with:
43. Doetje Yedes. Baptised Oost Vlieland 28.10.1753 (name written as Doeyke), daughter of Yede Pytters (86) and Wybbrig Jans (87). At marriage from Makkum. Burried Makkum 1.05.1805.
Children (among others?):
  1. Roelof Alberts. Baptised Makkum 12.08.1779.
  2. Wybrigge Alberts van der Velde (21). Born ca 1785, baptism not found.
  3. Grietje Alberts van der Velde. Born Makkum, baptism not found. Died Idsegahuizen 6.08.1840. Married with Marten Thomas Wiersma, born ca 1778, son of Thomas Symons and Sjurdje Martens Wiersma.
    Children (among others):
    1. Sjoerdje Martens Wiersma. Born Idsegahuizen ca 1807, died Gaast 23.02.1822.
    2. Duttje Martens Wiersma. Born ca 1810.
    3. Albert Martens Wiersma. Born ca 1811.
    4. Thomas Martens Wiersma. Born Idsegahuizen 7.11.1812, died there 23.09.1817.
    5. Jacob Martens Wiersma. Born Idsegahuizen 26.06.1814.
    6. Andries Martens Wiersma. Born 1816.
    7. Andries Martens Wiersma. Born 1821.
  4. Andries Alberts van der Velde. Labourer. Born Makkum 9.11.1795. Married 22.07.1826 with Tryntje Wopkes Visser, born/baptised Parrega 9/24.09.1797, daughter of Wopke Gerkes and Attje Sybrens.
    Children (among others):
    1. Ottje Andries van der Velde. Married Wonseradeel 13.12.1855 with Lammert Sipkes de Vries.
    2. Dutje Andries van der Velde. Married Wonseradeel 10.11.1859 with Sytse de Boer.
    3. Albert Andries van der Velde. Born 1837. Died 20.04.1838.

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