Generation V

28. Dirk Meinderts. Born ca 1734. At marriage from Wolzum, but baptism not found there. Dirk Meinderts and Pietertje Pieters became lidmaten Wolzum 14.12.1766, left with attestatie for Kubaard 19.11.1767, then became lidmaten Oudega 7.02.1777, coming from Kubaard. Dirk Meinderts left for Gaast 2.09.1803 He died Ferwoude 7.03.1807, age 73, leaving 6 children. Married Wolzum 16.06.1765 with:
29. Pietertje Pieters. Baptised Oppenhuisen 30.10.1740, daughter of Pyter Pyters (58) and Tjitske Gerryts (59). At marriage from Jutrijp. Died Ferwoude 28.06.1800 or 28.07.1800 (according to huwelijksbijlagen Dirk Meinderts van Dirksen 1817, and Gerben Dirks van der Meer 1819). However, in 1800 they were lidmaten in Oudega, and her death is recorded there.
  1. Meindert Dirks van Dirksen. Farmer in Nijhuizum. Born/baptised Westhem/Wolsum 18/20.04.1766. At first marriage from Ferwoude. In 1811 living in Nijhuizum. Married (1) Ferwoude 2.01.1803 with Grietje Gerrits from Oudega, who died Nijhuisen 3.10.1811. Married (2) Wonseradeel 27.09.1817 with Tjitske Gatzes Bijlsma, born/baptised Witmarsum 19/26.01.1783, daughter of Gatze Klazens Bijlsma and Janke Tjipkes.
      By Grietje Gerrits:
    1. Pietertje Meinderts Dirksen. Born/baptised Oudega 28.11/25.12.1803.
    2. Gerrijt Meinderts Dirksen. Born/baptised Ferwoude 20/26.07.1805.
    3. Geertje Meinderts van Dirksen. Born/baptised Ferwoude 19.08/6.09.1807. Married Wonseradeel 5.05.1832 with Sipke Jans Faber.
    4. Grietje Meinderts Dirksen. Born ca 1809.
      By Tjitske Gatzes Bijlsma:
    1. Dirk Meinderts van Dirksen. Married Workum 20.03.1850 with Tjiets Siebolts Visser.
    2. Gatze Meinderts van Dirksen. Born ca 1822. Died Menaldumadeel 4.08.1843. Never married.
  2. Tietske Dirks. Born/baptised Kubaard 18/24.04.1768. Probably the Tjetske Dirks van der Meer married with Dirk Tammes de Vries, living in Nyega in 1811.
    Children (among others?):
    1. Tamme Dirks de Vries. Born Oosthem 27.05.1801. Married Wonseradeel 10.05.1828 with Meino Sytses Visser, born/baptised Hieslum 22.01/5.02.1804, daughter of Sytse Douwes Visser and Sytske Klaasses.
    2. Pieter Dirks de Vries. Born ca 1809.
    3. Dirk Dirks de Vries. Born 1811.
    4. Lammert Dirks de Vries. Born 1811.
  3. Pyter Dirks Dirksen. Born/baptised Kubaard 7/14.01.1770. In 1811 living in Sneek.
    1. Rein Pyters Dirksen. Born ca 1802.
    2. Froukjen Pyters Dirksen. Born ca 1804. Died Harlingen 10.03.1839. Never married.
    3. Pietertje Pyters Dirksen. Born ca 1810. Married Sneek 26.05.1833 with Pier Oly.
  4. Gerben Dirks van der Meer (14). Born/baptised Kubaard 2/12.04.1772.
  5. Anna Dirks (van der Meer). Born/baptised Kubaard 10/18.09.1774. Married with Enne Reins Feenstra, born Nyega ca 1773, died Ferwoude 20.02.1827, son of Rein Ennes and Enk.
    1. Rein Ennes Feenstra. Born/baptised Ferwoude 4/10.05.1801. Married Wonseradeel 12.11.1825 with Akke Jacobs de Vries, born/baptised Schettens 15.02/4.03.1804, daughter of Jacob Hiddes de Vries and Baukjen Yeks.
    2. Dirk Ennes Feenstra. Born/baptised Ferwoude 4/19.02.1804. Married Wonseradeel 7.06.1828 with Murkje Doedes, born de Weeren onder Makkum 18.05.1802, daughter of Doede Ottes and Geertje Gerrits.
    3. Luitje Ennes Feenstra. Born ca 1806.
    4. Pieter Ennes Feenstra. Born ca 1808. Married Wonseradeel 14.05.1836 with Antje Bouwes Algra.
    5. Rinke Ennes Feenstra. Born ca 1810. Married Wonseradeel 24.02.1844 with Wytske Jelles Noorda.
    6. Jacob Ennes Feenstra. Born Ferwoude 4.02.1813.
    7. Jacob Ennes Feenstra. Born Ferwoude 2.12.1815. Married Wonseradeel 23.11.1850 with Jetske Jentjes Bakker.
    8. Pietje Ennes Feenstra. Born Ferwoude 2.07.1819.
  6. Janke Dirks. Born/baptised Oudega 19/12.1784. Married with Reiner Joukes Reitsma.
    1. Jouke Reiners Reitsma. Born ca 1808.
    2. Pietertje Reiners Reitsma. Born 1810.
    3. Dirk Reiners Reitsma. Born Ferwoude 26.05.1812.

30. Ruurd Sytzes van der Kooi. Farmer's labourer. Born/baptised Idsegahuisen 19/26.01.1766, son of 60. Sytze Hessels and 61. Ymkje Ruurds. Died Gaast 21.02.1834. Married Gaast 11.07.1790 with:
31. Grietje Gerbens. Born Wijckel during the night of 17/18.12.1765, and baptised there 22.12.1785, daughter of 62. Gerben Lucas Bouwman and 63. Bruinsje AEges. At marriage from Gaast. She becomes lidmat there 11.02.1803, coming from Wijchel. Died Gaast 14.02.1837.
  1. Zytse Ruurds van der Kooi. Born/baptised Gaast 30.01/13.02.1791. Fusilier. Died in military hospital Strasbourg 15.04.1813.
  2. Gerben Ruurds van der Kooi. Born/baptised Gaast 8/10.03.1793. Married 25.09.1819 with Piertjen Willems Ybema, who was baptised Idsegahuizen 27.04.1794, daughter of Willem Jacobs Ybema and Sjerkjen Jacobs.
  3. Bruinsje Ruurds van der Kooi. Born Gaast 21.02/15.03.1795. Died Gaast 3.10.1813.
  4. Ymkjen Ruurds van der Kooi (15). Born/baptised Gaast 28.05/5.06.1797.

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