Descendants of Mense Sibolts and Bauck Jeus

Mense Sibolts and Bauck Jeus (number 64 and 65 in the kwartierstaat (ahnentafel) of my grandmother, Grietje de Boer) lived in Piaam, Friesland, in the 1710's and 1720's. This is an overview of what I know of their descendants. I still know nothing of the ancestry of this couple, and would be grateful if anyone could tell me more. Families appearing in the kwartierstaat are linked to it, where you will find more details. I have indexed families by the name of the father.

It is quite possible that the lists of children are not complete. If you have any comments, connections, corrections or additions, please send them to me at

I. Mense Sibolts and Bauck Jeus.

II.1. Sybolt Menses. Married (1) with Tettje Walles. Married (2) with Hotske Jacobs. Married (3) with Jeltje Sybrens. Married (4) with Luutske Sjoerds.

II.2. Jouw Menses. Married with Folkeltje Poppes.

II.3. Obbe Menses. Married with Outgertje Outgers.

III.1. Jacob Sibolts. Married with Peerk Willems.

III.2. Mense Sibolts de Boer. Married with Antje Wypkes Baarda.

III.3. Bregtje Sibolts. Married with Ids Baukes de Boer.

III.4. Mense Jouws. Baptised Piaam 23.05.1745, died Cornwerd 04.1783. Married Cornwerd 22.05.1774 with Dieuwke Hoites, baptised Schraard 25.08.1754, died Cornwerd 21.08.1822, daughter of Hoite Aukes and Joukje Djurres. At marriage from Arum.

  1. Fokeltje Menses. Born/baptised Cornwerd 24.10/6.11.1774.
  2. Joukjen Menses. Born/baptised Cornwerd 13/25.08.1776.
  3. Jouw Menses van den Akker.
  4. Huite Menses van der Weg.
  5. Tedje Menses. Born/baptised Cornwerd 28.08/17.09.1780.
  6. Poppe Menses bij der Weg.

III.5. Bauk Jouws. Baptised Piaam 24.09.1748. Married Idsegahuizum 18.11.1770 to Sikke Harkes van der Ploeg, baptised Kornwerd 5.04.1744, died Wonseradeel 21.12.1821. son of Harke Sickes and Doetje Allers.
  1. Vokeltje Sikkes.
  2. Doetje Sikkes van der Ploeg. Born ca 1772, died Wonseradeel 30.11.1826.
  3. Harkje Sikkes. Born/baptised Makkum 28.01/2.02.1777.
  4. Jouw Sikkes Schuifstra. Born/baptised Makkum 25/28.03.1779.
  5. Hinke Sikkes van der Ploeg. Born/baptised Makkum 1/12.09.1784, died Sneek 7.10.1850.

III.6. Poppe Jouws. Baptised Piaam 6.02.1752. Married Cornwerd 14.09.1778 with Antje Hendriks.
  1. Jouw Poppes.

III.7. Sibolt Jouws. Baptised Piaam 9.10.1757. Died Makkum 28.10.1807. Married (1) 10.01.1790 Kornwerd/Idsegahuizum to Hykke Deddes Dijkstra, died Makkum 18.09.1797, daughter of Dedde Jans Dijkstra and Gelske Jans. Married (2) Makkum 29.11.1801 to Fedje Wijbes.
  1. Gelske Sybolts Dijkstra.
  2. Fookeltje Sybolts Dijkstra.
  3. Dedde Sybolts Dijkstra.

III.8. Durk Jouws. Baptised Piaam 21.02.1762. Buried Makkum 16.01.1801. Married with Zaakjen Pytters.
  1. Fokeltje Dirks. Born/baptised Makkum 20/27.07.1784. Married Makkum to Andries Pieters Klein, born/baptised Makkum 7/13.06.1784, son of Pieter Andries Klein and Lijsbet Reinders.
  2. Pieter Dirks de Vries. Born/baptised Makkum 11/20.03.1785, died Wonseradeel 13.02.1842. Married there 21.04.1832 to Rigtje Joukes Hoitinga.
  3. Jouw Dirks. Born/baptised Makkum 9/17.12.1786.
  4. Dirkje Dirks. Born/baptised Makkum 20.10/2.11.1788.
  5. Jouw Dirks. Born/baptised Makkum 4/6.11.1791.
  6. Mense Durks de Vries. Born/baptised Makkum 10/21.09.1794.
  7. Douwe Dirks. Born/baptised Makkum 9/25.02.1798.

III.9. Pietje Jouws Hollander. Born ca 1765, died Wonseradeel 2.09.1832. Married Wons 29.08.1784 to Hein Willems.
  1. Fokeltje Heins Hollander. Born/baptised Makkum 18/23.02.1786. Married to Douwe Tjiepkes van der Meer.
  2. Stijntje Heins Hollander. Born/baptised Makkum 21.04/8.05.1788. Married Harlingen 28.04.1825 to Freerk Aukes Molenaar.
  3. Jouw Heins Hollander. Born/baptised Makkum 7/16.12.1792. Married Wonseradeel 18.11.1820 to Durkjen Olferts Nieuwenhuis.
  4. Willemke Heins. Born/baptised Makkum 7/18.01.1795.
  5. Poppe Heins Hollander. Born/baptised Makkum 26.02/9.03.1797. Married Wonseradeel 3.04.1824 to IJbeltje Gerardus Visser.
  6. Willem Heins Hollander. Born/baptised Makkum 14/28.02.1799, died Wonseradeel 16.09.1828, unmarried.

III.10. Sybe Obbes Postma. Baptised Wons 23.01.1761, died Arum 18.10.1815. Married Arum 12.09.1790 to Antje Gerrits de Ram, born/baptised Harlingen 9/30.05.1773, died Arum 14.06.1815, daughter of Gerrit Jochums Ram and Frouwkjen Johannis
  1. Froukjen Sijbes Postma. Born/baptised Arum 6/25.09.1791, died Wonseradeel 3.03.1860. Married there 15.05.1852 to Fonger Renders Ploegstra.
  2. Outgertje Sijbes. Born/baptised Arum 20/27.01.1793, died before 1811.
  3. Gerrit Sijbes. Born/baptised Arum 14/28.09.1794, died before 1811.
  4. Obbe Sijbes Postma. Born/baptised Arum 20.02/6.03.1796, died Wonseradeel 1.08.1848. Married there (1) 13.03.1819 to Akke Jans de Boer Married there (2) 30.05.1835 to Antje Hiddes de Vries.
  5. Hijke Sijbes Postma. Born/baptised Arum 17.03/1.04.1798. Married Wonseradeel 29.05.1824 to Doekle Sjoerds van der Plaats.
  6. Baukjen Sijbes Postma. Born/baptised Arum 29.03/14.04.1800, died Wonseradeel 16.06.1828. Married there 31.07.1819 to Symon Fekkes Droogsma.

III.11. Mense Obbes Postma. Baptised Wons 10.01.1769, died 1.07.1836. Married Arum 10.07.1796 to Akke Ages Dijkstra, born/baptised Arum 28.07/8.08.1773, died there 26.12.1824. daughter of Age Lieuwes and Sjoukje Jans.
  1. Sjoukjen Menses Postma. Born/baptised Arum 15.01/4.02.1798.
  2. Outgertje Menses Postma. Bornaptised Arum 24.08/1.09.1799.
  3. Attje Minses Postma. Born/baptised Arum 19.04/2.05.1802.
  4. Obe Minses Postma. Born/baptised Arum 31.08/9.09.1804, died Utrecht 6.04.1832.
  5. Age Menses. Born/baptised Arum 22.09/5.10.1806.
  6. Age Minzes Postma. Born/baptised Arum 7.08/4.09.1808, died Tietjerksteradeel 4.05.1862.

IV.1. Willem Jacobs Ybema. Married with Sjerkjen Jacobs.
  1. Pierkjen Willems Ybema.
  2. Tryntje Willems Ybema.

IV.2. Aaltje Menses de Boer. Married with Namme Sybrens Visser.

IV.3. Luitske Menses de Boer. Married Workum 30.03.1817 with Jan Romkes Pilgroms, born there 5.09.1793, son of Romke Pilgroms and Janneke Hendriks.
  1. Romke Jans Pilgroms.
  2. Antje Jans Pylgroms.
  3. Janneke Jans Pielgroms.

IV.4. Beeuwe Menses de Boer. Married (1) with Trijntje Klazes Schaaf. Married (2) with Ymkjen Ynzes Haitsma.

IV.5. Wipke Menses de Boer. Married with Yetske Yetses Roorda.

IV.6. Sybolt Menses de Boer. Married with Frouwk Freerks Wiersema.

IV.7. Berber Idses de Boer. Born ca 1790. Married Wonseradeel 3.06.1820 with Jarig Ynzes Rooda.
  1. Bregtje Rooda. Born 12.05.1821.

IV.8. Bauke Idses de Boer. Born ca 1793. Married (1) Wonseradeel 21.04.1832 with Dieuwke Jacobs Goverts. Married (2) Wonseradeel 29.10.1836 with Antje IJsbrands Haagsma.
  1. Bregtje de Boer. Born 6.07.1835.
  2. Eelkjen Baukes de Boer. Born Makkum 19.08.1837. Married Idaarderadeel 26.06.1869 to Andries Jans van der Made, born Grouw ca 1836, son of Jan Andries van der Made and Jantje Baukes Tjalkens.
  3. Ids de Boer. Born 9.03.1839.
  4. Ids de Boer. Born 10.05.1840, died 3.06.1846.
  5. Berber Baukes de Boer. Born Makkum 23.08.1842, died Idaarderadeel 1.01.1906. Married there 13.05.1875 to Sjouke Geert Hoekstra, born Warga ca 1849, son of Geert Pieters Hoekstra and Boukje Alberts Bokma.
  6. Isbrandina de Boer. Born 24.01.1845, died 30.11.1846.
  7. Ids de Boer. Born 25.11.1847, died 10.10.1876, unmarried.
  8. Isbrandina de Boer. Born Makkum 20.04.1851. Married Utingeradeel 30.11.1876 to Dirk Jelles van der Meer, born Oldeboorn ca 1850, son of Jelle Dirks van der Meer and Joukjen Jans van der Meulen.

IV.9. Sybolt Idses de Boer. Born/baptised Makkum 22.03/5.04.1795. Married (1) Wonseradeel 30.01.1819 with Elisabeth Murks van der Schaaf, born ca 1795, daughter of Murk Pieters van der Schaaf and Antje Jouws. Married (2) Wonseradeel 29.03.1828 with Hester Gerardus Bruining.
  1. Ids Sijbolts de Boer.
  2. Gerardus de Boer.
  3. Bregtje de Boer.
  4. Jacobus de Boer.
  5. Teresa Maria de Boer.
  6. Gerardina de Boer.
  7. Jacoba de Boer.

IV.10. Lutske Idses de Boer. Born ca 1898. Married (1) Bolsward 18.05.1828 with Lieuwe Tjallings Andela. Married (2) Wonseradeel 22.03.1834 with Laas Thijses van Gunst.

IV.11. Jouw Menses van den Akker. Born/baptised Cornwerd 12/25.01.1778, died Bolsward 7.05.1834. Married with Trientje Meinderts.
  1. Menze Jouws van den Akker.
  2. Meinder Jouws van den Akker.
  3. Dieuwke Jouws van den Akker.
  4. Auke Jouws van den Akker.

IV.12. Huite Minses van der Weg. Born/baptised Cornwerd 30.07/8.08.1779. Married (1) with Franskjen Dirks, died Bolsward 21.10.1825, daughter of Geertjen Jans. Married (2) Bolsward 28.05.1826 with Antje Wiggles Kuipers, born/baptised Bolsward 22.03/8.04.1792, daughter of Wiggle Johannes and Antje Jans.
  1. Diewke van der Weg. Born Bolsward 16.08.1828.

IV.13. Poppe Minses bij de Weg. Baptised Cornwerd 26.09.1782. Married Wonseradeel 8.03.1823 with Oltje Taekes Tol, born/baptised Makkum 30.07.1796/2.07.1797, daughter of Taeke Gerrits Tol and Geertje Rinzes Bootsma.
  1. Minse Poppes bij de Weg. Born 2.03.1824.
  2. Geertje Poppes bij de Weg.
  3. Dieuwke Poppes bij de Weg. Born 29.10.1828.
  4. Joukje Poppes bij de Weg. Born 9.06.1831.
  5. Minse Poppes bij de Weg.
  6. Taekje Poppes bij de Weg.
  7. Neeltje Poppes bij de Weg.

IV.14. Doetje Sikkes van der Ploeg. Born ca 1772, died Wonseradeel 30.11.1826. Married to Tjeerd Bouwes.
  1. Bouwe Tjeerds Bruinsma. Born/baptised Makkum 13/16.05.1796, died Wonseradeel 23.02.1846. Married Wonseradeel 29.06.1822 to Liskjen Herres Heringa.
  2. Sikke Tjeerds Bruinsma. Born/baptised Makkum 22.07/9.08.1798, died Wonseradeel 30.05.1828, unmarried.

IV.15. Jouw Sikkes Schuifstra. Born/baptised Makkum 25/28.03.1779, died 7.12.1827. Married Makkum 9.10.1803 to Trijntje Tjebbes de Vries, born/baptised Bolsward 18.02/10.03.1785, died 30.11.1847, daughter of Tjebbe Isebrands and IJmkje Willems.
  1. Baukje Jouws Schuifstra. Born/baptised Harlingen 8/12.01.1804, died 3.08.1858. Married to Sierk Foekes Dijkstra.
  2. Imkje Jouws. Born/baptised Franeker 20.01/12.02.1806.
  3. Tjebbe Jouws Schuifsma. Born ca 1810, died Wonseradeel 24.03.1823.
  4. Sikke Jouws Schuifstra. Born Barradeel (Almenum) 7.03.1814, died 28.12.1861. Married (1) Wonseradeel 13.06.1846 to Froukjen Douwes Meinsma. Married (2) Wonseradeel 6.08.1857 to Trijntje Teunis Suierveld.
  5. Sybolt Jouws Schuifstra. Born 3.02.1817, died 20.09.1874. Married Workum 1.06.1842 to Leentje Thijses Hazewindus.
  6. Ymkjen Schuifsma. Born 3.02.1817.
  7. Jurre Jouws Schuifsma. Born 18.09.1819, died 16.02.1822.
  8. Tjebbe Schuifsma. Born Wonseradeel 28.04.1823, died 18.01.1903. Married Wonseradeel 4.03.1848 to Trijntje Franses Haarsma.

IV.16. Hinke Sikkes van der Ploeg. Born/baptised Makkum 1/12.09.1784, died Sneek 7.10.1850. Married Makkum 4.11.1804 to Hendrik Koekee from Weinerbrug (Hannover).
  1. Marijke Hendriks Koekee. Born/baptised Makkum 27.03/21.04.1805, died het Bildt 6.06.1859. Married het Bildt 19.04.1832 to Aldert Arjens Wassenaar, born St. Jacobieparochie ca 1806, son of Ajren Christiaans Wassenaar and Trijntje Alderts Riedstra.
  2. Sikke Koekee. Born/baptised Sneek 4/22.03.1807.
  3. Baukje Koekee. Born/baptised Sneek 7/24.11.1808, died there 25.05.1870. Married Sneek 15.05.1836 to Pieter Groenhout, born ca 1796, died Sneek 4.11.1848, son of Booi Ypes and Grietje Pieters.
  4. Sikke Koekee. Born/baptised Sneek 12/29.11.1810, died there 15.09.1815.
  5. Catharina Koekee. Born Sneek 20.04.1813, died Leeuwarden 17.01.1900. Married Leeuwarden 13.07.1845 to Willem Eysma.
  6. Leena Koekee. Born Sneek 4.03.1815. Married Schoterland 12.03.1843 to Gerrit Weenink.
  7. Vokeltje Hendriks Koekee. Born het Bildt 15.08.1817, died Wonseradeel 9.02.1888. Married Wonseradeel 18.06.1842 to Dirk Pieters de Vries.
  8. Sikke Koekee. Born het Bildt 19.01.1820, died Sneek 21.11.1912, unmarried.
  9. Jetske Kookee. Born het Bildt 9.02.1823, died Harlingen 20.12.1916. Married Wonseradeel 8.06.1850 to Pier Feites Attema.

IV.17. Gelske Sybolts Dijkstra. Born/baptised Makkum 6/20.04.1794. Married (1) Wonseradeel 20.03.1824 with Jacob Botes Bleeker, born/baptised Makkum 24/31.10.1758, died there 12.05.1824, son of Bote Eetjes and Ariaantje Jacobs. Jacob Botes Bleeker was married (1) with Sjoukjen Jans. Married (2) Wonseradeel 24.07.1827 with Jacob Pieters Hibma, son of Pieter Jacobs Hibma and Tjeerdje Lambartus Hilarides. Jacob Pieters Hibma was married (1) with Hidje Jans Kamstra.

IV.18. Fookeltje Sybolts Dijkstra. Married Wonseradeel 19.08.1826 with Alle Luitjens van der Veen.

IV.19. Dedde Sybolts Dijkstra. Married Wonseradeel 22.03.1834 with Geertje Klazes Schaaf.

IV.20. Mense Derks de Vries. Born/baptised Makkum 10/21.09.1794. Married Wonseradeel 1820 with Hinke Teunis Hidma.
  1. Dirk de Vries. Born 24.01.1835.

IV.21. Fokeltje Heins Hollander. Born/baptised Makkum 18/23.02.1786, died Harlingen 21.12.1854. Married to Douwe Tjiepkes van der Meer.
  1. Pietje Douwes van der Meer. Born Harlingen 15.11.1825, died there 29.09.1827.

IV.22. Stijntje Heins Hollander. Born/baptised Makkum 21.04/8.05.1788. Married Harlingen 28.04.1825 to Freerk Aukes Molenaar.
  1. Hein Molenaar. Born Harlingen 23.08.1826, died Leiden 13.08.1893. Married (1) Harlingen 14.11.1850 to Reintje Tuinstra, born ca 1818, died there 29.07.1851. Married (2) Harlingen 1.05.1856 to Jantje Kunee?.

IV.23. Jouw Heins Hollander. Born/baptised Makkum 7/16.12.1792. Married Wonseradeel 18.11.1820 to Durkjen Olferts Nieuwenhuis.
  1. Pietje Jouws Hollander. Born Wonseradeel 4.07.1821, died there 22.10.1821.
  2. Sijtske Hollander. Born Wonseradeel 8.01.1823.
  3. Pietje Hollander. Born Wonseradeel 27.10.1824.
  4. Hendrikje Hollander. Born Wonseradeel 5.09.1827.
  5. Hein Jouws Hollander. Born Wonseradeel 25.03.1830, died there 14.05.1830.

IV.24. Poppe Heins Hollander. Born/baptised Makkum 26.02/9.03.1797, died Wonseradeel 12.11.1833. Married Wonseradeel 3.04.1824 to IJbeltje Gerardus Visser, born ca 1804, died Workum 7.08.1830.
  1. Jan Hollander. Born Workum 15.06.1825, died Wonseradeel 8.02.1840.

IV.25. Sjoukjen Menses Postma. Born/baptised Arum 15.01/4.02.1798, died Franekeradeel 6.12.1869. Married Wonseradeel 1825 with Foeke Saekles van der Veen, born Makkum 26.06.1801, son of Saekele Leuwes and Sybrig Booyen.
  1. Sybrig Foekes van der Veen.
  2. Minse Foekes van der Veen.
  3. Seekele Foekes van der Veen.
  4. Akke Foekes van der Veen. died Leeuwarden 12.08.1922.
  5. Aukje Foekes van der Veen.
  6. Baukje Foekes van der Veen. Born 27.07.1834, died 19.06.1836.
  7. Baukje Foekes van der Veen.
  8. Jan Foekes van der Veen. Born 26.09.1840, died 13.11.1841.

IV.26. Outgertje Menses Postma. Born/baptised Arum 24.08/1.09.1799. Married Wonseradeel 15.07.1820 with Jan Wybrens Jansma, probably a son of Wybren Jans Jansma.
  1. Wybren Jans Jansma. Born Wonseradeel 26.05.1821.
  2. Minse Jans Jansma. Born Wonseradeel 26.09.1823.
  3. Akke Jans Jansma. Born Wonseradeel 1.07.1826.

IV.27. Attje Minses Postma. Born/baptised Arum 19.04/2.05.1802, died Franekeradeel 19.03.1886. Married Franekeradeel 20.06.1830 to Folkert Rintjes Tolsma, born Midlum ca 1804, died Franekeradeel 17.08.1867, son of Rintje Folkerts Tolsma and Aafke Taekles Tolsma.
  1. Rintje Folkerts Tolsma. Born Franekeradeel 27.03.1831, died Barradeel 9.04.1897. Married Barradeel 26.05.1866 to Jantje Sjoerds Douma.
  2. Akke Folkerts Tolsma. Born Midlum 28.08.1833. Married (1) Franekeradeel 19.05.1860 to Rintje Wiegers van der Wal, born Wijnaldum ca 1835, son of Wieger Rintjes van der Wal and Sibbeltje Feikes Feikema. Married (2) Franekeradeel 27.06.1870 to Tjipke Wijkel, born Pietersbierum ca 1845, son of Gerrit Wijbes Wijkel and Ruurdtje Tjipkes Vellinga.
  3. Minze Tolsma. Born Midlum 26.04.1836. Married Franekeradeel 18.05.1861 to Reintje Tjebbes de Boer, born Pietersbierum ca 1833, daughter of Tjebbe Freerks de Boer and Meindertje Jarigs Hibma.

IV.28. Age Minzes Postma. Born/baptised Arum 7.08/4.09.1808, died Tietjerksteradeel 4.05.1862. Married Smallingerland 13.05.1840 to Anna Jans Oedzes, born Drachten 23.01.1815, daughter of Jan Jans Oedses and Grietje Teedes van Manen.
  1. Akke Ages Postma. Born Tietjerksteradeel 27.01.1842, died there 18.05.1848.
  2. Minze Ages Postma. Born Garijp 26.11.1844, died there 8.03.1868, unmarried.
  3. Jan Ages Postma. Born Garijp 20.04.1848, died there 6.05.1848.
  4. Akke Ages Postma. Born Garijp 12.08.1850, died there 8.05.1919. Married Tietjerksteradeel 13.05.1876 to Lieuwe Reinders van der Lei.
  5. Grietje Ages Postma. Born Tietjerksteradeel 7.05.1854, died there 14.05.1855.

V.1. Pierkjen Willems Ybema. Baptised Idsegahuisen 27.04.1794. Married Wonseradeel 25.09.1819 with Gerben Ruurds van der Kooi.

V2. Tryntje Willems Ybema. Baptised Idsegahuisen 6.03.1799, died Wonseradeel 24.07.1866. Married Wonseradeel 29.08.1818 with Tjerk Jans Yntema, born ca 1788, died there 12.09.1853.
  1. Grietje Tjerks Yntema. Born Idsegahuizen 1.12.1819. Died Wonseradeel 14.01.1845, unmarried.
  2. Willem Tjerks Yntema. Born 29.11.1821. Died Wonseradeel 21.04.1847, unmarried.
  3. Sierkjen Tjerks Yntema. Born 23.11.1823. Married Hemelumer Oldeferd 14.10.1849 with Jacob Ykes Hoekstra, born Koudum 9.10.1814, son of Ike Jotjes Hoekstra and Hendrikje Jacobs van der Veen.
  4. Sjouwkje Tjerks Yntema. Born 2.12.1826. Married Wonseradeel 21.12.1850 with Sjoerd Thijses Dijkstra, born there 17.08.1821, son of Thys Sierks Dijkstra and Pietrik Pieters Tilboer.
  5. Pierkjen Tjerks Yntema. Born 8.07.1831. Married Wonseradeel 6.05.1853 with Enne Reins Feenstra, born there 27.02.1829, son of Rein Ennes Feenstra and Akke Jacobs de Vries.
  6. Jan Tjerks Yntema. Born 22.09.1833. Married Wonseradeel 23.05.1861 with Martzen Tjeerds Postma, born there 26.12.1823, daughter of Tjeerd Sikkes Postma and Jeltje Ottes de Vries.
  7. Riemke Tjerks Yntema. Born 29.05.1836. Married Wonseradeel 3.05.1862 with Willem Sjerps de Jong, born there 4.10.1838, son of Sjerp Douwes de Jong and Bregtje Franses Kooyenga.

V3. Sybren Nammens Visser. Married Wonseradeel 23.04.1842 with Fokeltje Tjammens ten Dam, born Hemelumer Oldeferd 19.07.1819, daughter of Tjemme Pieters ten Dam and Lykkeltje Sybes Visma.
  1. Aaltje Visser. Born Wonseradeel 21.03.1843.
  2. Liekeltje Visser. Born Workum 19.03.1845.
  3. Nammen Visser. Born Wonseradeel 30.06.1853.

V4. Willem Nammens Visser. Married Wonseradeel 29.04.1849 with Baukje Riemers van Ring, born there 13.12.1822 daughter of Riemer Tjeerds van Ring and Baukje Allerts de Jong.
  1. Namme Visser. Born Wonseradeel 10.02.1850. Married there 1.06.1876 with Ynskjen Poletiek.
  2. Riemer Visser. Born Wonseradeel 24.08.1851.
  3. Jelle Visser. Born Wonseradeel 8.12.1853.
  4. Bauke Visser. Born Wonseradeel 9.07.1857.
  5. Aaltje Visser. Born Wonseradeel 22.01.1864.

V5. Antje Nammens Visser. Born 7.05.1826, died 12.09.1889. Married Hemelumer Oldeferd 23.04.1847 with Rein Jappes Roosjen, born Hindeloopen 25.09.1815, son of Jappe Hylkes Roosje and Gooitj Riens Polma.
  1. Jeltje Roosjen. Born Hemelumer Oldeferd 30.05.1847.
  2. Gooits Roosjen. Born Hemelumer Oldeferd 20.02.1849.
  3. Aaltje Roosjen. Born Hemelumer Oldeferd 1.11.1850.
  4. Jappe Roosjen. Born Hemelumer Oldeferd 7.05.1853
  5. Nammen Roosjen. Born Hemelumer Oldeferd 21.08.1857.
  6. Hijlkjen Roosjen. Born Hemelumer Oldeferd 22.04.1856.

V6. Romke Jans Pylgroms. Born Workum 11.07.1817, died there 8.07.1880. Married Doniawerstal 15.11.1844 with Janke Brants Sevensma, born there 29.05.1822 daughter of Brand Sipkes Sevensma and Jitske Reitzes Roefstra.
  1. Jan Pylgroms. Born Workum 5.10.1846.
  2. Brandt Sipke Pylgroms. Born Workum 30.08.1851,died there 2.05.1859.
  3. Wyger Pylgroms. Born Workum 19.04.1853. Married there 12.02.1881 with Antje Mebius.
  4. Jitske Pylgroms. Born Workum 16.03.1855, died there 19.12.1927 unmarried.
  5. Lieutske Pylgroms. Born Workum 17.08.1857, died there 19.02.1940 unmarried.
  6. Sjoerdtje Pylgroms. Born Workum 11.10.1859.
  7. Brandt Sipke Pylgroms. Born Workum 7.09.1862. Married there 5.08.1894 with Trijntje Hobma.
  8. Janneke Pylgroms. Born Workum 7.09.1862, died 14.03.1935 unmarried.
  9. Sipkjen Pylgroms. Born Workum 27.07.1865, died there 22.07.1937 unmarried.

V7. Antje Jans Pylgroms. Born Workum 11.12.1819, died Wonseradeel 1.04.1849. Married there 17.05.1845 with Jan Ages Salverda, born Franekerdeel 21.08.1817, son of Age Meiles Salverda and Aafke Kornelis.
  1. Luitske Salverda. Born Wonseradeel 25.05.1846. Married there 30.05.1868 with Klaas Schaaf.
  2. Age Salverda. Born Wonseradeel 18.03.1849.

V8. Janneke Jans Pielgroms. Born Workum 10.09.1822, died Wonseradeel 2.10.1904. Married Wonseradeel 17.06.1854 with Pieter IJsebrants Feenstra.
  1. Jan Feenstra. Born Wonseradeel 9.05.1855.

V9. Ids Sijbolts de Boer. Born 27.01.1819. Married 19.05.1860 with Gepke Berends Tiddens.

V10. Teresa Maria de Boer. Born 14.04.1835. Married 10.02.1859 with Jasper Gerrits van der Linde.

V11. Gerardina de Boer. Born 21.05.1837. Married 24.05.1862 with Hendrik Alkema.

V12. Menze Jouws van den Akker. Born ca 1809. Married (1) Bolsward 17.05.1835 with Antje Sjerps Risselada. Married (2) Bolsward 15.10.1848 with Haukje Cornelis Havinga.

V13. Meinder Jouws van den Akker. Born 1811. Married Bolsward 3.04.1836 with Grietje Sjoerds Brunia.

V14. Dieuwke Jouws van den Akker. Born Bolsward 28.09.1814. Married Bolsward 15.05.1836 with Ulbe Durks Molenaar.

V15. Auke Jouws van den Akker. Married (1) Wymbritseradeel 2.05.1840 with Pytie Durks Hidma Married (2) Wymbritseradeel 1.05.1847 with Antje Sakes Smeding.

V16. Geertje Poppes bij de Weg. Born 27.08.1826. Married Wonseradeel 4.05.1850 with Pieter Alberts Hiemstra.

V17. Minse Poppes bij de Weg. Born 4.01.1834. Married Wonseradeel 5.05.1855 with Wypkje Wiebes de Boer.

V18. Taekje Poppes bij de Weg. Born 9.12.1836. Married Wonseradeel 17.05.1862 with Ynze Bernardus Wiersma.

V19. Neeltje Poppes bij de Weg. Born 27.07.1839. Married Wonseradeel 14.05.1864 with Dirk Wiersma.

V20. Wybren Jans Jansma. Born 26.05.1821, died 6.08.1894. Married 2.05.1846 with Ieskjen Reinders Rijpma.

V21. Minse Jans Jansma. Born 26.09.1823, died 13.01.1882. Married 22.05.1852 with Aafke Watzes Bulwalde.

V22. Akke Jans Jansma. Born 1.07.1826, died 12.12.1891. Married 8.05.1852 with Jouke Pieters Feenstra.

V23. Sybrig Foekes van der Veen. Born 22.12.1823. Married (1) 15.05.1847 with Lodewijk Dirks Gorter. Married (2) 8.04.1854 with Pieter Gosses Dijkstra.

V24. Minse Foekes van der Veen. Born 16.09.1825, died 25.08.1892. Married 30.12.1854 with Rintje Hendriks de Boer.

V25. Seekele Foekes van der Veen. Born 8.10.1827. Married 16.02.1856 with Jitske Pieters van Huizen.

V26. Akke Foekes van der Veen. Born 29.10.1829. Married 16.05.1857 with Arjen Pieters van der Ploeg.

V27. Aukje Foekes van der Veen. Born 7.02.1832. Married 4.05.1861 with Anne Reinders Mug.

V28. Baukje Foekes van der Veen. Married with Jan Franzes Veenstra.

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