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Welcome to my genealogy home page. My ancestors primarily come from the Netherlands. One of my grandparents comes from Friesland while two others come from Groningen. Over time, I plan to add more genealogical information to this site. I hope that you will find something useful here. If you do, please let me (Jan) know at

Genealogy in Friesland

Kwartierstaat Grietje de Boer

My grandmother, Grietje de Boer, comes from western part of Friesland. In her ahnentafel (kwartierstaat), you will find the surnames: Abbema, Baarda, Bangma, de Boer, Bokma, Dijkstra, Feenstra, van der Kooi, Kooistra, van der Meer, van der Velde, de Vries, and Wiersma, plus many others in related families. There is an index.


This is a genealogy of the Kraijer family that originates in Ureterp. A branch (that I descend from) moved to Groningen. There is an index.

Descendants of Mense Sibolts and Bauck Jeus

Mense Sibolts and Bauck Jeus are the gggg-grandparents of my grandmother, Grietje de Boer. They were farmers in Piaam, Friesland in the early 1700's. Among their male descendants there are (at least) 8 different surnames - van den Akker, de Boer, Dijkstra, Postma, de Vries, bij de Weg, van de Weg, and Ybema. I have started a genealogy of all their descendants. and there is an index.

Links to other sites

Ryksargyf Leeuwarden (State Archives in Leeuwarden). This site has an on-line searchable database of the civil records (births, marriages, deaths) starting in 1811. There is also a database of surnames taken in 1811, and a start on marriages before 1811. There are some pages in English.

Genealogy in Groningen


This is a genealogy of the Ritsema (also spelled Retsema or Retzema) family that descends from Popke Jeltes of Hornhuizen, Groningen. It also includes some related families. There is an index.


This is a genealogy of the Waterborg (also spelled Waterberg) family that originates in Leek. They were primarily shippers. There is an index.

Other families

I have also been gradually putting together family group sheets of others in my kwartierstaat, and those closely related. Check the index.

Church Records

As part of my research, I have been compiling databases of baptisms and marriages. I have been working on Eenrum, Hornhuizen/Kloosterburen, Midwolde/de Leek, Oosterwijtwerd, Pieterburen, Warfhuizen and Westernieland and others. You can download (202k) my personal database of marriages. It contains over 2500 records from before 1811, and is in Microsoft Works 4.0 format. You will need that program to be able to view the database.

You can also download my personal database of baptisms in the Hogeland region of Groningen, either in Microsoft Works 4.0 format (403k) or in text and comma format (125k). The Works 4.0 version contains extra fields with the names given in standardized spellings which make searching easier. The other version you can read into a spreadsheet or database program. The database contains baptisms from den Andel, Eenrum, Hornhuizen, Pieterburen, Warfhuizen, Wehe, and Westernieland.

Links to other sites

Genealogie Provincie Groningen (in Dutch). This site, by Dick Kuil, contains a lot of downloadable information. There are a lot of links to other sites, organized by surname, and a page of queries.

Genealogie pagina van Bronno de Haan (in Dutch). This site contains a genealogy of the Brons family of Oude Pekela, one line of my ancestors. There is also information on the Molanus family.

Last updated 20 December 2001