Gabriel Mennes. Baptised Pieterburen 8.06.1727, son of Menne Gabriels and Hilje Harms. Married Westernieland 12.05.1754 with:
Henrica Jans. Baptised Pieterburen 3.11.1726, daughter of Jan Haikes and Trijnje Eppes.
  1. Menne Gabriels. Baptised Westernieland 1.12.1754.
  2. Trijnje Gabriels Jelsema. Baptised Westernieland 19.03.1756. Married den Andel 22.05.1785 with Klaas Folkerts.
  3. Menne Gabriels. Baptised Westernieland 6.02.1757.
  4. Hilje Gabriels Jelsema. Baptised Westernieland 25.04.1762. Married with Eisse Sierts Vennema.
  5. Harm Gabriels Jelsema. Baptised Westernieland 14.10.1764, died before 1814. Married Leens 21.05.1809 to Foske Tjaards, baptised Leens 28.12.1754, widow? of Hidde Jans and daughter of Tjaart Rennes and Geertruid Jans. She married (3) Leens 31.07.1814 to Harmannus Hindriks van der Horst.
  6. Eppe Gabriels Jelsema. Baptism not found. Married Westernieland 12.12.1790 with Trijnje Sjabbes Dijkema.
  7. Aafke Gabriels. Baptised Westernieland 6.03.1774.

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