Sibold Derks. Baptised Pieterburen 29.11.1696, son of Derck Cornellijs and Eetske Sijbels Married Stitswerd 18.05.1721 with:
Trijntje Doedens. Born Toornwerd, baptised Middelstum 20.08.1699, daughter of Doede Everts and Hilje Cornelis.
  1. Eijske. Baptised Stitswerd 25.07.1722.
  2. Eijske. Baptised Stitswerd 14.08.1724.
  3. Cornelis Sibolts. Baptised Stitswerd 1.09.1726, died before 11.05.1776. Married 1763 with Grietje Nanninga.
  4. Hilje Sibolts. Baptised Stitswerd 17.10.1728.
  5. Doede Everts. (Also Douwe Sibolts.) Born/baptised Stitswerd 24/27.04.1732. Married with Antje Simons Swart.
  6. Hindrikjen Sibolts. Born Stitswerd 18.03.1734. Married with Ernst van Alsema.
  7. Hilje Sibolts. Born Stitswerd 18.09.1736, died there 6.10.1736.
  8. Derk Sibolts. Baptised Stitswerd 19.08.1738.
  9. Hilje Sibolts. Baptised Stitswerd 6.04.1741. Married 1763 with Aldert Jacobs, son of Jacob Pieters and Claaske Allerts.
  10. Jantie Sibolts. Baptised Stitswerd 6.04.1741.

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