Derk Lues. Baptised Pieterburen 15.02.1722, son of Lue Derks and Aafke Gabriels. Died before 19.02.1764. Married Hornhuizen 26.03.1752 with:
Itje Tjeerds. Baptised Hornhuizen 21.09.1732, daughter of Tjeerd Teeuwes and Remke Jans. Married (2) Hornhuizen 25.11.1764 with Jan Jans.
  1. Aafke Derks. Baptised Hornhuizen 13.04.1753.
  2. Tjeerd Derks. Baptised Hornhuizen 04.1755.
  3. Aafke Derks. Baptised Hornhuizen 2.04.1758. Married Hornhuizen 25.05.1783 with Reinder Tonnis.
  4. Remke Derks. Born ca 1760, baptism not found. Married 1786 with Jacob Eisses.
  5. Derkje Lues Derks. Baptised Hornhuizen 19.02.1764, after the death of her father. Married Hornhuizen 10.05.1793 with Klaas Luurts.
Children by Jan Jans:
  1. Jantje Jans. Baptised Hornhuizen 1.06.1766.
  2. Jan Jans. Baptised Hornhuizen 28.05.1769.
  3. Johannes Jans. Baptised Hornhuizen 28.03.1773.
  4. Anje Jans. Baptised Hornhuizen 25.12.1778.

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