Beene Jans Boikema. Baptised Leens 4.11.1736, son of Jan Rijkes Boikema and Antje Writsers. Married Hornhuizen 22.01.1764 with:
Teijttie Lues. Baptised Hornhuizen 14.04.1743, daughter of Lue Derks and Aafke Gabriels. Married (2) Hornhuizen 24.12.1786 with Willem Jans.
  1. Antje Benes Beukema. Baptised Hornhuizen 31.03.1765, died Leens 28.12.1828. Married Hornhuizen 24.05.1789 with Klaas Goosens Beukema, baptised Eenrum 27.03.1765, son of Gosen Omkes and Geertruid Melles.
  2. Aafke Benes Beukema. Baptised Hornhuizen 8.11.1767, died Ulrum 2.12.1823. Married Hornhuizen 9.12.1792 with Jacob Rekkerts.
  3. Janna Benes Beukema. Baptised Hornhuizen 20.05.1770, died there 21.10.1846. Married there 26.05.1793 with Jan Pieters Bronkema, baptised there 29.11.1762, son of Pieter Rieuwerts and Etje Jans.
  4. Luje Benes Beukema. Baptised Hornhuizen 1.05.1777, died there 11.02.1842. Married there 14.05.1805 with Geertje Jans Huizinga, daughter of Jan Gerrits Huizenga and Hilje Hindriks van Dijken.

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