Jan Rijkes Boijkema. Baptised Leens 9.09.1694, son of Rijke Jans Boijkema and Metjen Peters.
Married Hornhuizen 18.09.1729 with:
Antje Writsers. Baptised Pieterburen 10.03.1702, daughter of Writser Harms and Wiske Benes. Married (1) Hornhuizen 8.04.1725 with Arent Folkerts.
  1. Rijke Jans Boijkema. Baptised Leens 3.09.1730. Married Leens 12.04.1767 with Lijsabeth Jans, daughter of Jannes Jacobs and Foske Luitjens.
  2. Wiske Jans Boijkema. Baptised Leens 18.10.1733.
  3. Peter Jans Boijkema. Baptised Leens 4.11.1736. Married Leens 21.04.1763 with Anje Duurts.
  4. Bene Jans Boijkema. Baptised Leens 4.11.1736. Married with Tetje Lues
  5. Jan Rijkes Boijkema. Baptised Leens 28.02.1740. At his baptism, he is just called Jan, which would imply that his name would be Jan Jans Boijkema. However, there are some contempory documents which give his name as Jan Rijkes. For example, in the marriage contract of Peter Jans Boijkema and Anje Duurts (R.A. XLVI c1 22.04.1763) the witnesses for the groom are given as Jan Rijkes Beukema and Antje Writsers, father and mother; Rijke Jans, Jan Rijkes and Writser Jans as full brothers.
  6. Writser Jans Boijkema. Baptised Leens 8.09.1743. Married with Aafke Gabriels.

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